Windows 11 Gaming Bug Has Finally Been Fixed

Windows 11 gaming bug has finally been fixed but the fix, unfortunately, is not for everyone, some gamers on the platforms can now upgrade to 22H2, and the rest on the other hand will have to wait for a complete fix.

Windows 11 Gaming Bug Has Finally Been Fixed

Windows 11 Gaming Bug Has Finally Been Fixed

The latest version of windows 11 has really suffered at the hands of a bug that messed badly with the gaming performance for some users on the platform thus leading to the 22H2 update being blocked on those PCs in a bid to prevent the manifestation of the problem. But the good news however is that the reported upgrade block has been lifted partially.

The Windows 11 22H2 Bug Caused “Lower Than Expected Performance”

And in the event that you missed out on this one, the windows 11 22H2 bug in question caused “lower than expected performance” with some games and obviously other software and this is including stuttering frame rates which is a seriously off-putting phenomenon. The reason for this is due to GPU debugging features that are errantly being used on the affected PCs.

As noticed by Neowin, Microsoft actually has not fixed the said issue yet, but however, has added a fresh note to its released health dashboard which states the following: “The safeguard hold with the safeguard ID of 41990091 has been updated to only safeguard Windows devices which have one of the small subsets of games and apps which are still affected by this issue.”

Windows 11 Users Who Had Been Blocked Are Now In the Clear to Download the 22H2 Update

What this means is simple, and it is that a lot of windows 11 users who previously had been blocked with the mentioned safeguard hold are now in the clear to download the 22H2 update, and with that being said, only users who run a couple of games and apps and are vulnerable to the bug are now being stopped from upgrading at the moment.


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