Will There Be a Second Stimulus Check Coming: Key Details on the Second Stimulus Check

American citizens are already asking questions like “Will There be a Second Stimulus Check Coming?” It is still under consideration on the second stimulus check being confirmed. There is no date officially known yet on the date it would hold, but the government is still working towards making this work. Many citizens have stopped working or are on pause due to the Coronavirus pandemic which is still not close to getting to an end.

Will There Be a Second Stimulus Check Coming?

Will There Be a Second Stimulus Check Coming?

Lawmakers are getting close to sending more cash payments to American citizens and families, but a second stimulus check hasn’t been yet approved. Here are some tips for the coming second stimulus check:

  • TaxAct is currently making offers of 35% off on Federal and State returns.
  • Meanwhile, some top economists are arguing for a recurring stimulus check.
  • A consensus still needs to be reached on several information including eligibility, timing, and amount of the payment.
  • Democrats sent a bill to the Senate that expanded the eligibility for the stimulus checks outlined in the last emergency relief package, but GOP lawmakers appear split on the issue.

There are supports ramping up among lawmakers for a second stimulus check as the pandemic raged on in the United States. The IRS has distributed nearly 160 million stimulus checks to Americans by early June, a mere 2 months after the one-time cash payments authorized in the CARES Act. Citizens received up to $1,200 and joint filers received up to $3,400, plus an additional $500 for each dependent child age 16 or under.

There are some Americans still waiting on the first round of payment non-files, and they have until October 15th to register for their but lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have expressed an interest in sending more cash to Americans.

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Is There a Second Stimulus Check Being Issued?

The second stimulus check isn’t being issued yet. Although House Democrats passed a bill in May proposing another round of direct payments to households, which would greatly expand the eligibility requirements outlined in CARES Act. And it isn’t under consideration in the GOP-controlled Senate. As Business Insider, Joseph Zeballos-Roig reported in June, Republican lawmakers are extremely split on whether to send money to American citizens.

Key Details on the Second Stimulus Check

Among several proposals and verbal support put forth by lawmakers and Trump adviser for a second check, there hasn’t been a clear consensus on when payment should be sent, how much it would worth, and who is eligible. The first-round pf stimulus payments were based on the most recent tax returns for 2018 or 2019. Singles filers with an adjustable gross income (AGI) of less than $99,000 and joint filers with an AGI of less than $198,000 qualified for the payments. The amount was reduced for income worth of $75,000 and $150,000 respectively. For faster payment, it would be required for citizens to register under the direct deposit payment method mas it is the fastest method of delivery and would be attended to first.

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