When to Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins – What are Prenatal Vitamins?

Are you pregnant, or you are showing signs of pregnancy but you are not sure about when to take prenatal vitamins. This article will give a briefing on what prenatal vitamins are, their benefits, and when to start taking prenatal vitamins. Keep reading till the very end of it.

When to Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins

When to Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal Vitamins are meant to be taken by people who are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant. One of the most important vitamins in pre-pregnancy health is Folic acid.

What are Prenatal Vitamins?

Th idea comes from the name prenatal. These are vitamins that contain daily vitamins and minerals needed by pregnant women or people who want to get pregnant. One of these vitamins is Folic acid.

Most of the nutrients are contained in the food that you eat, but it is also a very good idea to take these prenatal vitamins directly. In addition to folic acid, your doctor, nurse, or midwife can recommend the best vitamins for you.

Why it’s Important to Take Prenatal Vitamins 

Prenatal Vitamins give lots of benefits to the pregnant woman, and other women before they get pregnant. When  you get pregnant, your nutritional needs increase immediately. Therefore, it is very important to build up these nutrients in your body before conception.

Simply put, prenatal vitamins are needed to keep the baby and the mother healthy. Some of the important key prenatal vitamins are;

  • Folic acid for the neurological development of the baby.
  • Vitamin A, for the baby‘s eye development.
  • Calcium and Vitamin D for your baby‘s bone development
  • Iron because of the doubling of your blood volume, and also provides oxygen for the baby.

Most of the prenatal vitamins supplement should contain these vital elements. Iron and folic acid particularly are very essential.

When to Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins When Pregnant

Prenatal Vitamins should be taken as soon as you start trying to get pregnant. One of the major reasons is that, according to pregnancy dating, you could be pregnant even three to four weeks before you discover.

Not all pregnancies are planned, therefore, if you have not been taking prenatal vitamins by the time you got pregnant, then you should start doing it now. The major developments start in the first trimester ( which is the first three months). At this stage, the major organs like the brain and the spinal cord is still in development process, so those vitamins will help with that.

Can Prenatal Vitamins help you Conceive or Become Pregnant?

These vitamins will not help you conceive, they can only help you in the development of your child. Prenatal vitamins are important for the development of important parts of child like the bones, eyes, and the baby‘s neurological development. Although we have noted that you should take them even when you are planning to get pregnant, They will not make you pregnant.

Can it Ever be Too Late to take Prenatal Vitamins

Although it is very important that you take these vitamins as soon as possible, it is never too late to start. The baby is developing at all stages of the pregnancy. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are already four months gone. You can start now.

Should I Stop Taking my daily Multi-Vitamin When I Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins

Immediately you start taking the prenatal vitamins,  you should stop taking your multivitamins. “You want to make sure you stay within that recommended daily amount of each vitamin, while you’ll generally be okay if you go over 100% for some vitamins, others, like Vitamin A, can lead to certain complications.” As stated by Morgan King, a clinical pharmacy specialist.

You can also switch back to your daily multivitamin and breastfeeding if you want. “You want to make sure you’re optimizing your nutrition since you’re providing those nutrients to the baby. As long as you’re getting the appropriate amount of those vitamins and nutrients, that’s what’s most important.” Adds king.

Do Prenatal Vitamins have Side Effects?

So many people wonder about the side effects of prenatal vitamins. some people get nausea, or constipation after taking these vitamins. If you get any of these symptoms, visit your doctor about changing the brands of these vitamins.

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