Funny Jokes When Having a Bad Day – 7 Corny Jokes that will Make you Laugh on Really Bad Days

Funny jokes when having a bad day – are you having a bad day and you are looking for a way to get through it? Well, bother no more as I have got just exactly what you are looking for.

Funny Jokes When Having a Bad Day

Funny Jokes When Having a Bad Day

Jokes are one of many ways of getting through really tough days as they normally say, laughter is after all the best medicine, and also finding some good humor is really worth it. Having good jokes on bad days helps you to distract yourself and your mind from your worries or even a stressful situation.

7 Corny Jokes that will make you Laugh on Really Bad Days

Can’t get enough of those dad jokes, well, you aren’t alone. Below are some of the 7 bets corny jokes that will make you laugh on really bad days.

Kinds of People

The joke goes thus, “there are three kinds of people in this world and they are those who can count and those who can’t”.

Personally, I don’t know the reason I find this joke so funny. Well, I guess is just that it brightens up my day when I’m in a bad mood. Whenever I come across it, it just takes my mind off whatever it is at the moment that’s going on and just laughs.

The Dictionary

“What word in the dictionary is always spelled wrong”…the answer is “wrong”. The reason I like this joke is its blunt nature. The joke is very frank and it cranks me u whenever I am overanalyzing a situation. Some things are really simple as they appear and we make them be more than what they are.

The Body

Question: did you hear about the man who lost his whole left side?

Answer: he’s alright now.

No way you put this joke, left, right; this corny joke is really hilarious. The truth is I really like jokes that have puns to them. I find them really creative and unique due to the normal punch lines they carry.

The Bible

Question: who sinned the most in the bible?

Answer: Moses. This is because he broke all the 10 commandments at once.

For the bible lovers here is a little bible humor for you. And if you know a thing or two about the bile then you should know that after 40 days spent on the mountain top, Moses received the Ten Commandments. And when he came down and found out that the Israelites had started worshipping a pagan god, he threw the tablets containing the Ten Commandments on the ground ferociously and in the process broke the 10 commandments.


Question: why didn’t Cinderella make the soccer team?

Answer: she kept running away from the ball.

Trust me when I tell you that I love every single bit of this Disney humor. The joke in all manner makes me just smile.

The Scarecrow

Question: why did the scarecrow get a promotion?

Answer: he was out-standing in the field.

This very work humor tends to take the stress away when things at work start piling up. This corny joke is a good one to share with not just your colleagues but also your classmates when you feel like your work is getting harder for you to handle.

The Rabbits

Question: what do you call a line of rabbits walking backward?

Answer: a receding hare line.

Some people may not find this joke funny at all, but this joke is funny in all sense. It is very important to tell funny jokes every now and then due to the fact that they can make you laugh for no big reason at all other than they are really funny.



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