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Whatsapp is one of the best mobile messaging app. It is just like an alternative to BBM. Its use for sending short mobile messages. The difference between whatsapp and BBM messenger is, BBM make use of Pin as user ID why this messaging app make use of Mobile phone number.

Whatsapp.com - Whatsapp App | Www.whatsapp.com

With this app you can send countless number of messages for free to anyone who has the app registered on his or her mobile device. Users can also send multimedia file such as Pictures, Videos, Audio and Voice Note to other users.

One great features about this app is that whenever you have the app installed on your device it keeps you login automatically. You don’t have worry about login. All you need is your mobile internet enabled on your device.

You can receive messages from other user automatically when they send you a message. Having a users contact on you mobile phone book. That has whatsapp register on their device we be added to your contact automatically. You don’t need to send an invitation for them to accept you on their whatsapp contact. Any one is permitted to own a group and you can add users to your group.

How to Officially Download Whatsapp

To download this App visit their official url www.whatsapp.com it is free to download. It is also available on Apple Store, Google Play Store, Windows Phone Store and Blackberry App Store.

If you are finding it difficult to locate the app on your mobile Store. You can use the search box available on your mobile store and enter the keyword as whatsapp otherwise visit their official url to get the app downloaded on your mobile device.

It work better on PC but this time it’s not an application that you need to install on your PC. This web version requires you using a web browser to make use of the app on your PC. You have to always actives it whenever you are online using your PC. Note that this app sync all data from the app on your mobile device such as chats and contacts automatically to the web page and link back to your mobile app. When you connects to whatsapp web.


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