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Instagram is an amazing photos and videos sharing apps. This is also a means of social network where interactions between friends also take place. It allows users meet with different individual you don’t know.


During October 2010 kevin Systom and Mike Krieger built the App Instagram. It was launched as a free mobile app to the public. Instagram became popular as it users continues to increase. It was made known in April 2012 that Instagram is over 100 million active users. Due to its popularity.

Facebook was able to purchase the app with a cash of 1 billion US dollar. After the purchase of this app by Facebook its users increase to 300 million in December 2014.

How to Download Instagram

For you to have an account on social media you need to download the wonderful app which is available on an android device, tablet, Windows Phone 8 and so on. Instagram can be downloaded from your Google Play store, Windows Phone store, and iOS App Store.

  1. Open the app store on your device.
  2. on the app store of your device type ‘’Instagram” on the search bar of your device and click enter.
  3. Various apps will display in your app store. Search for the Instagram app and click ‘’INSTALL”.

Note this app will take some time to install completely on your device. After installing the app on your phone you can click on the app to start the process of signing up.

How to sign up for Instagram

Since the app has been installed on your phone all you need to do is for you to

  1. Click on the app to open it.
  2. After clicking on the app a page will pop out which shows you ‘’SIGN UP” that if you don’t have an account or ‘’LOG IN” if you already have an account. Either by Email address or with your Facebook account.
  3. If you click on email to sign up your Instagram account, the app will ask you to create username and password, also your profile information. If you click on facebook to Sign up your Instagram account. The App will ask you to sign in with your facebook account if you have one.

Note:  you can add some personal information about yourself before you logged into the app. Before you can ‘’sign in” to view the home page of Insagram an option will be displayed on the page that pop out after you have successfully created the account directing you to find friends or skip to the next page.


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