What you Need to Know About Fortnite’s Season Ending Collision Event

What to You Need to Know About Fortnite’s Season Ending Collision Event. A new season of Fortnite is drawing close, capping off with a one-time-only event with the name “Collision.” And all versions of Fortnite even if you are playing the game on your Mobile through GeForce Now or even the Xbox Cloud Gaming, will be taking part.

What to You Need to Know About Fortnite’s Season Ending Collision Event

Fortnite’s Season-Ending Collision Event

Leading up to the event day, you should be able to catch a glimpse of the crew reveal for 2022 June and you should be able to try on the event’s special Mecha weapons team outfits. Then on June 4, starting at 8 am ET, you can choose to log in right before you kick off to nab an exclusive lobby track and loading screen. The Playlist would also be available starting in 30 minutes before the launch.

COLLISION would be going live starting on June 4, 2022, at 4 PM ET and would not be happening again, so if you want to partake, you would need to make sure that you are logged in and ready to go on time. The Fortnite Team recommends that anyone that wishes to preserve their experiences from the event is expected to record and archive their gameplay as in-game replays would not be available.

How to Prepare

Aside from showing up early, the best way to be prepared for COLLISION is for you to ensure that all your affairs are in order. Any quests that have not been completed and rewards that have not been earned would be forfeit once the event begins, so if you don’t want to miss out be sure to wrap them up before 4 pm ET on the 4th of June, 2022.

The Fortnite Team Points out that Outstanding quests and rewards could actually include special quests from a prowler, gathering Omni chips that would aid in unlocking the Omni Sword pickaxe, or trading in Battle stars. The team also stated that unused Battle Stars would automatically be redeemed for the earliest available rewards and content from packs would carry over to the next season.

What would not carry over, however, is your stockpile of Omni chips and Bars. Anything that you would not have spent would be lost as the season makes its changes, so use it if you’ve got it. This should be fairly easy to do as Bargain Bin week would be starting up at 9 am ET on May 31, offering you the opportunity to throw your remaining Bars at Exotic items or make use of Character services, all at a discounted rate.


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