PS5 Restock is Coming to an End Soon – Here’s Why

PS5 Restock is Coming to an End very, here is why. Truly, the PlayStation 5 has been a very tough commodity to get a hold of, following its initial launch in November 2020. It looks like just as soon as any restock takes place, all the available units would take out within seconds.

PS5 Restock is Coming to an End Soon

PS5 Restock is Coming to an End Soon

This is partially due to the ongoing electronics chip shortage, but it seems like the issue is driven by scalpers and bots, who purchase as a lot of the new consoles at MSRP value as they can fit into one shopping cart, just to turn them around on websites like eBay, where you can still find PS5s sold at steep premiums – climbing up straight into the $1000 range or higher.

The Demand for high-priced PS5s on Peripheral marketplaces is driven also by the desperate lack of supply that’s created as a part by those same scalpers, which makes it looks like it is compulsory to just give and purchase one of those.

But if you are yet to purchase a PS5 at its legitimate original recommended retail price, and if you still want one, you might want to hold off on purchasing one from the secondary market. In a recent investor briefing, Sony seems to have made it clear that they intend to ramp up the production of the PS5s in order to combat the lack of console sales that the company seems to be facing.

Expecting a Momentary Dip in PS5 Sales

As stated in the previously mentioned investor briefing, the PlayStation 5 only sold the PlayStation 4 during its initial launch window. The PS4 evidently overtook the PS4 once again in 2021 due to the supply shortages, and now it seems like Sony is projecting a Comeback for the PS5’s Sales in the year 2023-2024, after a reasonable gap period over the next years.

One major risk for the PS5 supply shortages going into the future is what Sony described as logistics issues with Russia. Sony has been working to maneuver around the logistics of COVID-19. Sony has claimed that they are working deals out with multiple suppliers that can offer the PS5 parts, and this is in addition to “ongoing logistical negotiations in other to maintain optimal PS5 parts, and this is in addition to the “ongoing Logistical negotiations in other to maintain Optimal PS5 delivery routes,” Which does sound more like Apple’s dilemma.

It would seem that the company is facing issues with raw materials, and piles of issues when it comes to safe delivery routes between manufacturers, warehouses, and retailers.

Aside from the tentative good news for all those that are still waiting to nab their PS5s at a reasonable price, there are a handful of other major developments teased in the aforementioned investor briefing.


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