What is Zelle – Is Zelle safe

What is Zelle? Don’t miss out on this free opportunity where you get to make transfers, send, or receive money for free. Of course, it’s for free. Unlike other apps that charge petty fees but when you have a great number of transactions to make, that petty fee will be totaled to become a huge sum amount of money. But with Zelle, you can save those for later use. Now you may ask me what Zelle is all about. It’s like Venmo and Cash App.

What is Zelle

These mobile applications have changed the way money is being sent to people making things way easier than ever before. You can make the transfer within a matter of minutes and the receiver gets notified instantly of any payments.

The Zelle payments service works with lots of U.S. Banks and since being a partner. It makes it easy to send and receive money from your friends and families even your business partners operating a different bank account.

What is Zelle all about

Zelle is a U.S. digital payment service operating in the U.S. which is owned by Early Warning Services, LLC. It was formerly known as clearXchange and sold to the current owner in 2016.

It first started functioning as an electronic fund transfer only through member financial institutions and their official website. Later in 2017, it changed from clearXchange to Zelle, and its service was changed to Peer to Peer Service (P2P). Due to these changes, everyone on the platform had to recreate their profile.

Millions of people are using Zelle as their transfer service. As a matter of fact, there was a major increase of over 50% in 2019 as almost $200 billion was calculated to be transferred that same year.

What makes Zelle so unique is that it was actually developed by more than 30 U.S. Banks and users can operate the application and make receive money to their bank account directly instantly. Users are also allowed to use their mobile banking app and operate Zelle simultaneously without having to download Zelle.

Is Zelle safe

Unlike other mobile banking apps that have their own account to keep your money, Zelle works in a different way. With Zelle, you can transfer money directly to another bank account within a few minutes.

It is way better than handling checks, paying cash, or sending bills; it is safer with Zelle as those operations are considered risky. Sometimes, you might have no cash at hand but with Zelle and your mobile device in your pocket, you can make transactions anywhere and anytime.

Zelle is highly secured as it got nothing to do with your financial data, those are already protected by your financial institution.

Zelle only uses your email and U.S. mobile number for making transactions. It’s so quick and fast when it comes to transferring, so you should take precautions and always double-check the digits before making transactions.

This is highly recommended because once the money is sent, it can’t be canceled and within a few minutes the transaction is made.


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