Safemoon ticker 2021/2022 – Is safemoon listed on Binance?

Speaking of Safemoon ticker 2021, being one of the newest cryptocurrency token in 2021 created in March. Moreover, it has a market cap of $3,646,766,397 calculated 29 October 2021. Now, it’s becoming more of a trend as many investors are focusing their attention on it as they hope to see a great increase.

Safemoon ticker 2021

The safemoon stock symbol or ticker as it is quite known is called Safemoon. Safemoon is still abundant in circulation as there are 571,97T worth of coins made available. Moreover, the maximum supply of the safemoon coins according to statistics is 1,000T.

But did you know that the safemoon ticker (safemoon symbol) which is safemoon was created on the Binance blockchain? That’s one big fact. Amazingly, the safemoon cryptocurrency token also has a wallet app which was released on September and October on Google Play and AppStore respectively.

Safemoon ticker Coinbase

Coinbase is quite popular and having safemoon ticker symbol on its platform would be awesome but unfortunately, it is not actually supported by the platform. Nevertheless, you still get to see the safemoon price charts and all other statistics related to it on the coinbase website. You can log on to the coinbase website and check the current stats of the safemoon token right on the platform.

Is safemoon listed on Binance?

We all know the safemoon is one of the latest cryptocurrencies and it’s hitting it hot on the market so everyone is in for getting one of these tokens. As a matter of fact, Safemoon are not bought directly from any crypto wallet but are traded for using the Binance Coin.

So, Safemoon is not listed on Binance but traded with Binance coin via PancakeSwap of which you need to connect your Binance Crypto Exchange wallet. whole you may be questioning “is safemoon still worth buying”, you should know that it absolutely is.

How can I buy safemoon?

Everyone is talking about the safemoon token and a few investors have invested in it expecting something good out of it. Coinbase made a report of 910% increase in share price within a four days range in April. As a matter of fact, safemoon is now becoming the main attraction and lots of people are buying the token without a second thought. Here are the steps to buy safemoon:

  • Go to the appstore your mobile device is operating and download the Trust Wallet App.
  • Then purchase either Binance or Bowscoin
  • Click on the DApp tab
  • Then search for the decentralized application called Pancakeswap
  • Exchange your binance or Bowscoin for safemoon token on the PancakeSwap

That’s all you need to do. After the exchange, your safemoon token is held in the trust wallet app. Although it’s not a direct process, buying safemoon tokens is possible and the steps above is a proof. Why this method? This is because that’s the cryptocurrency wallet that the developers of safemoon recommend.

Is safemoon worth buying?

Have you checked April statistics on the safemoon cryptocurrency exchange charts? You would see a boost to an all-time high of $0.00001399 on the 20th.

If calculated, it means that if you had invested $1 during the launch, by now you might be having $10,000 as of that point. So, what do you still think? Is it still worth it, it’s left for you but make hay while the sunshine. See Google for more research.


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