Where to buy Safemoon – Can I buy Safemoon on coinbase?

The Safemoon token is currently a big trend. No wonder everyone is making inquiries on where to buy Safemoon. Now there are lot of great turnouts of people wanting to buy this exceptional token. Since its massive increase in April after being launched in March, those who seize that opportunity during that period are so joyful today.

Where to buy Safemoon

Safemoon is not bought directly from crypto wallet but there is always a way. Using the Trust wallet, getting the Safemoon token is quite simple but goes through a different process from buying directly.

Even if you go on to Google ‘Safemoon stock price where to buy and other related searches, you would still have to use the Trust wallet app as it’s highly recommended by the developers of Safemoon token.

Where to buy Safemoon in the US

Be it in the US or any other country, buying Safemoon tokens has to be done with the trust wallet app based on its recommendation by the developers. Having the trust wallet app downloaded on your mobile device is the first thing to start with but if you have an account with Binance, then there is no problem.

If you are to use the Trust wallet then you buy your Binance coin and trade your Safemoon with the Binance on PancakeSwap. You can find the PancakeSwap from DApps option at the lower menu on the trust wallet app. On the other hand, using your Binance wallet, just buy Binance coin and trade them with Safemoon tokens using the Binance Smart Chain Wallet.

Is Safemoon a good investment

Since its launch, the Safemoon token has been progressing. Besides, a major increase that happened on April 20 where its price hits an all-time high has got many investors putting their money for a profitable benefit on the long run. Nevertheless, it had a large drop in early July which was over 70% but it all happens to almost every cryptocurrency coming up.

Can I buy Safemoon on coinbase?

Coinbase is a popular platform and has lots of coins embedded in it but Safemoon is not found among that list. Moreover, it is a new coin and progressing effectively.

So many platforms are keeping close watch of this token and I’m sure very soon, Coinbase would add the Safemoon token to their list. Nevertheless, you could still check their market caps, an all-time high, and other current stats on Coinbase.

Safemoon on Binance

You don’t buy Safemoon token instead it is traded. This can be done online using the Binance smart chain wallet. To get the Safemoon token, you just need to purchase the Binance coin on your Binance app and trade them with the Safemoon token through Binance smart chain wallet and the Safemoon token is yours. Although, some say you could trade ethereum with but don’t know how true is it.

Safemoon on Trust

The trust wallet is the recommended app for getting your Safemoon token selected by the developers of the Safemoon token. Through your trust wallet app, just buy the Binance Coin and exchange them with Safemoon through PancakeSwap.

The PancakeSwap can be searched for through DApp on the bottom menu of the trust wallet app. Further research can be done on Google.


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