What Happened to Facebook Dating – Why is Facebook dating not showing up

Today’s article is kind of a question and answer section on Facebook dating. All this article we are going to be considering what happened to Facebook dating. If you have ever had any problem or Facebook dating is unavailable or Facebook dating crashed. Maybe your Facebook dating is missing some features today we are going to be looking at all that.

What Happened to Facebook Dating

It will interesting to note that so many users have been experiencing problems with the Facebook application when it comes to dating. You might not think this is possible until you experience it yourself and go online to find a solution. It is when you will discover that so many people are facing similar problems as you are while using Facebook dating

What Happened to Facebook Dating

After activating Facebook dating you might be experiencing any of the below problems just like so many other Facebook dating users. Facebook dating problems are common you will not know this because it hasn’t happened to you before. Everybody that is having a problem with Facebook dating must be probably due to the following reasons. These are the reasons why people keep asking what happened to Facebook dating:

  • Your Facebook app needs to be updated.
  • Facebook dating might be down for everyone.
  • Dating notifications might be blocked.
  • Poor or bad internet connection.
  • Your device’s cache must be corrupted.

Why is Facebook dating not showing up

One of the major reasons why Facebook dating does not show up on most people is simply because they need to update their mobile Facebook applications. When the Facebook app needs updating and you do not do it affords the Facebook dating icon this means you can see it or access it. This is where you are going to need to update the Facebook application on your Android or iOS device. Follow the procedure to update your Facebook application:

  • Tap-on the App Store or Google Play store on your device.
  • Type and search for the Facebook application.
  • Install Or update the application and launch it.
  • Sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Select menu and tap on Dating.

After updating or installing the application you can now access Facebook dating if an update is a problem. Know that you can always put your device on auto-update to automatically update all applications.

How to Fix Facebook Data when it is not working

I have mentioned some reasons my Facebook dating might not be working and below I have shown you how to fix them:

  1. Facebook dating might be down for everyone

Another reason that you might not be able to access Facebook dating if you have updated your application is that Facebook dating might be down for everyone. To easily know if Facebook dating is down all over check or ask your friends if they can access dating. If they can accept dating it means it might probably be your network and dating is not down. However, if they can’t it means Facebook dating is now.

  1. Check your internet connection

if you have poor or no internet connection you simply cannot access Facebook dating so you should need to check if you still have internet access. To check if your internet connection is faulty and switch to a new WI-Fi or any other one with an internet connection.

  1. Enable Facebook notification

If you have turned off the Facebook notification on your Facebook application it can see that Facebook dating is not working. Therefore you need to access your Facebook notification center and activate it.

  1. Clear phone cache

It is very important every once in a while to clear your Facebook App cache. All you need to do is access your Facebook application storage and simply clear the cards from there. These are major problems that do plague the Facebook application and affect dating. So if you are experiencing a Facebook dating problem, simply carry out this procedure.



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