Facebook Dating Review 2022 – Is Facebook Dating worth using?

We are in the second half of 2022 and Facebook dating is still going strong. The Facebook dating feature is one of the most used features on the Facebook application and so in this article today we would be reviewing it. Therefore we are looking at Facebook dating review 2022 in this article today. We are going to talk about the good and bad of Facebook dating and give you our review of this article.

Facebook Dating Review 2022

Facebook dating has now come full circle although it is still not yet available in all regions and locations. Few years after the Facebook dating and announcement we are finally going to be giving you our review and breakdown on it. So if this sounds like what you are into, if you are looking for a true review of the Facebook dating feature then this article is for you.

Facebook Dating Review 2022

Facebook dating has come so far so quickly while it is simply not the best dating service that is out there it is one of the best. Based on the likes of tinder and bumble is one of the most used features on the Facebook application itself. Since its launch and release it has been an instant hit among Facebook users and is still being used today.

So many people on this platform have had good matches and have finally found a date for themselves making Facebook dating successful. This means that this application is not only successful in user base, but it is also successful in doing what it set out to do. Facebook dating is a perfectly good app it is not bad at all and is totally one of the best dating applications.

Is Facebook Dating worth using?

To answer that question bluntly yes Facebook dating is totally worth every bit of it. Facebook Dating has been helping people find matches since day one and it still continues to do so. It is one of the best dating applications or features you can ever ask for even if it is not the best. Also, it is not the most secured application because Facebook user account frequently get leaked on the internet.

Some of the only disadvantages that Facebook dating has in comparison with other sites, is that it has a smaller user base. And also the quality of singles on the platform is a little bit lacking. Not everybody is a fan of Facebook so they do not want anything to do with dating as long as you connect it to your Facebook account.

But the bottom line is that Facebook dating packs a decent punch which means it can be compared to other dating platforms. When you factor in the fact that Facebook dating is completely free then Facebook dating takes the cake. All other dating applications that are out there are not free, there are several hidden features that you need to make payments to access. However, the Facebook dating feature is completely and totally free to use.

Who is Facebook Dating good for?

There are certain people for whom the Facebook dating feature is good and other than it is not good. Below are some of the people that the Facebook dating feature is good for:

  • It is good for people who already have an existing Facebook page and do not want to download a new application.
  • It is also good for individuals who find dating applications for complicated to use.
  • For all singles that want a totally free dating experience.

What is wrong with Facebook dating?

The Facebook application does not regularly suffer from maintenance issues. However, in recent times it has been suffering from such issues a lot. If you are trying to access Facebook dating and you are not able to then something must be wrong.

Everybody that is wondering what is wrong with Facebook dating can simply check the following things. Anytime your Facebook dating is not working properly carry out any of the below procedures:

  • Update your Facebook application.
  • Turn on Facebook notification.
  • Check if other people can access Facebook dating.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Finally, clear the cache of your Facebook application.

How to Activate Facebook Dating 2022

It is still the same procedure used in activating Facebook dating is launched that is working now. Even if Facebook has launched in your region you need to activate it before you can make use of dating. The producer follows the below procedure:

  • Launch the Facebook application.
  • Tap on the menu button.
  • Select dating.
  • Finally, tap on “Get started”

After tapping on getting started you can now simply follow the onscreen prompts to create your Facebook dating profile. Make sure to enter the correct information about yourself in order to get matched with the right people.



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