Car Insurance for Military and Veterans – Best Car Insurance for Current and Formal Military and Veterans

Military personnel and veterans have a unique need for each other is one of the reasons is that they are not always available to drive their cars. During the time they will be deployed the cars we stay at home not be used for months and even years at a time. This is why military personnel and also veterans have a unique need for insurance. So today we look at the best car insurance for military and veterans.

Car Insurance for Military and Veterans

Regular people insurance or civilian insurance does not cut it for military personnel or any veteran. So they need specific and unique insurance that is capable of considering their military career. If this sounds like what you are into or what you are looking for then this article is for you. Today we will be looking at all the best car insurance for military personnel that is good for their unique need.

Car Insurance for Military and Veterans

The best of best car insurance for military and veterans insurance companies that provide for the needs of current and former military personnel. Their needs as military people need to be considered and put in place for this kind of insurance. Also, your family needs to be taken into consideration for any insurance company to be best for the military and veterans.

We all know that a car insurance package is not a one-size package that comes with everything you need. Different insurance companies provide different coverages for cars and also has one grows the need for the insurance changes. One of the basic changes that make a military person different from a normal civilian is the fact that they might be deployed overseas for long periods of time.

This is why they need good insurance that will consider they are a way of life and the job they have. Thankfully there are many companies that consider and have affected the needed insurance for military and veterans. Companies like USAA and GEICO and one of the best insurance companies that are available today for veterans. Therefore we are going to take a brief look at them to see how we hear each other’s is.

Best Car Insurance for Current and Formal Military and Veterans

Below are some of the Best Car Insurance for Military and Veterans


The USA is one of the best car insurance for both former and current military personnel and veterans. It is one of the best insurance companies as a whole in the United States and also the best for the military. USAA is an insurance company for military and vets we are the cheapest car rate of insurance for them. They even offer insurance to people who are related to any military or veterans.

With a very high maintenance customer care service the satisfaction that they have given to Their prospective customer. For this, they have received a score of 5 out of 5 for customer care performance and satisfaction. Below are the people that whom this company offers insurance:

  • Active Duty, Guard, Reserve
  • Eligible Family
  • Veterans
  • Cadets and Midshipmen

For every deployed military or veteran personnel they get a discount of 60% off for vehicle storage or a garage. And also get a discount of up to 15% for all comprehensive storage.


Coming up in the second position on our list is Geico. GEICO is the second on our list because It has the second cheapest car rates for military personnel and veterans. They are also available 24/7 and they have a dedicated customer care number that members can call to get valid information. So that they can discuss their unique car needs as their job requires them.

With GEICO you get the below special discount:

  • Emergency deployment
  • Membership in professional organizations and affiliations.

Although it is not as cheap as the USAA it is also the second cheapest and if you factor in the 15% discount it is a good insurance company. If you are an active-duty and retired personnel, as well as members of the National Guard or Military Reserves, are eligible for the discount. Finally, they have an additional Emergency Deployment Discount for customers who deploy to a military base where there is imminent danger.


Esurance is coming on the third position on our list today. Although they are rich is not as cheap as compared to GEICO they are still the third best option. They are the top best option because they offer the option to cancel your car insurance for those that are in active duty without a penalty. While leaving them with the option to reinstate their car insurance once they are back in the country.

This is in opposition to most insurance companies that will penalize you even as military personnel for canceling your car insurance. However for this to work military of veterans personnel has to meet a certain requirement to be accepted into this car insurance. For this company to give insurance to military members must provide a letter on military stationery from the policyholder’s commanding officer.

This letter must state that the policyholder had been stationed overseas or the DD214 release paperwork. All service members have at least 30 days to obtain this paperwork and deliver it to the company in order to be eligible.

There you have it these are the three best insurance companies for veterans and military personnel that work best with them and their families.



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