Westpac Altitude Credit Card Rewards – Travel Rewards Credit Card & Benefits

The Westpac Altitude Credit card rewards & benefits can be in many forms. Rewards cards can really pack in the benefits for frequent travelers. By spending on a rewards card, you can earn points to redeem for flights, accommodation, and a whole host of other goods and experiences that could be useful for those heading on holiday.

Westpac Altitude Credit Card Rewards & Benefits

Additionally, some cards come with a range of other valuable benefits designed with travelers in minds

Westpac Altitude Credit Card Rewards

The Westpac Altitude Credit Cards Rewards & Benefits are for those who have applied for the credit card. And before you apply, consider a realistic credit limit and check all conditions, interest rates, fees, and charges on your selected card.

The Altitude Reward considers you to be a member of the relevant frequent flyer program to redeem altitude points for frequent flyer points.

Travel Rewards Credit Card & Benefits

The following are the Westpac Altitude Credit Card Rewards & Benefit.

You will enjoy Extra Travel Benefits

Selecting a rewards card is not just about earning and redeeming points, you also need to have the option of choosing a card with extra benefits, many of which afford you special privileges and protection when you travel.

One of the Westpac credit cards comes with all sorts of benefits that could help make your trip better, including a complimentary airport lounge, premium concierge services, and complimentary insurance.

Redeem points for flights, hotel booking, upgrading, and more

The Rewards cardholders can input points towards things like flights, flight upgrades, hotels, and car rentals. They also have a whole range of other shopping and lifestyle rewards that could help to make your trip better.

Rewards Points

The earning and redemption of Altitude Points, Velocity Points, and Qantas Points are subject to the Altitude Terms and Conditions.  The purchases that are not eligible to earn rewards points are set in the altitude Terms and Conditions.

However, you don’t receive points if you are not paid the Minimum Payment Due in full and on time and in other circumstances. Qantas and Velocity points earned during a statement cycle are added to your respective points balance on a monthly basis.

Store Bonus Points to Put toward Trave

Keep in mind that some information on the benefit of diversity in education offers you bonus points when you join and then spend a certain amount on your card.

There are things you have to get before you can get a credit card. In order to earn points and redeem points, you must be a member of the relevant Frequent Flyer program. An annual $50 rewards fee applies for customers who choose this option (Altitude Velocity or Qantas)

Complimentary insurance cover

The access to the benefit of cover under the Credit Card Complimentary insurance is provided to eligible Westpac cardholders by operation of S48 of the Insurance contract Act 1984.

This insurance is underwritten by Allianz. Westpac does not guarantee this insurance. Don’t take your personal objectives, circumstances, or needs into account. you need to consider its appropriateness to these factors before acting on it.



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