Wenner-Gren Foundation Wadsworth African Fellowships 2024 (Up to $17,500) – APPLY NOW

The Wenner-Gren Foundation, headquartered in the city of New York, is renowned for its commitment to advancing anthropology globally. The foundation is offering the Wadsworth African Fellowships, a prestigious avenue for aspiring scholars to pursue a Ph.D. program in anthropology.

Wenner-Gren Foundation Wadsworth African Fellowships

The purpose of the Wadsworth African Fellowships is to help African students pursuing Ph.D. studies in a South African university that can offer them training in anthropology at an international level, including biological anthropology and archaeology. Applications to the University of Cape Town or the University of Witwatersrand currently take precedence.

Benefits of Wadsworth African Fellowships

The Wadsworth African Fellowships provides substantial financial support,

The fellowship offers an annual financial support of up to $17,500 for scholars to gain the flexibility to allocate funds across various essential categories.

These categories include; travel, living expenses, tuition, student fees, insurance, books, and research expenses.

This financial backing extends further, allowing for a separate application to secure additional funding for dissertation write-up

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the Wadsworth African Fellowships seek to identify and support promising scholars.

  • Applicants, who must be below the age of 35, must be citizens and residents of an African country.
  • The foundation prioritizes those from underrepresented groups in academic anthropology and archaeology.
  • Applicants must showcase their rationale for selecting a Host Institution, with a special emphasis on the University of Witwatersrand or the University of Cape Town.
  • The foundation limits each Host Institution to two active Wadsworth African fellows, to ensure a focused and impactful learning environment.

Application Process

  • Qualified Candidates should Go to Wenner-Gren Foundation’s Applications page on tfaforms.com to apply
  • Please note that the final decisions on applications are made by January 15, and application materials will be available 3 months before the specified deadline.
  • Prospective Candidates are expected to use the most recent application form and also submit their application materials using the Foundation’s online submission procedure. Two printed copies of the application form must also be sent to the Foundation by regular mail.
  • Key elements of the application include a pending application for doctoral admission at a South African institution, a Host Sponsor from the institution overseeing training, and a Home Sponsor providing a letter of reference.
  • The foundation places a premium on transparency, allowing only one application per funding season and maintaining a balance in departmental representation. Aspiring fellows must demonstrate changed funding circumstances if they have commenced doctoral training in a South African university.

Official website: https://wennergren.org/program/wadsworth-african-fellowship/

Selection Criteria

The Wadsworth African Fellowships are highly competitive. The Wenner-Gren Foundation seeks talented scholars who display the potential to enrich the field of anthropology in their home countries.

A focus on underrepresented groups in academic anthropology sets the stage for a diverse and inclusive community of scholars.

Applicants must substantiate their academic excellence in anthropology or related disciplines. Therefore, a compelling case for their chosen Host Institution becomes pivotal, with a strong emphasis on the reference from the Host Sponsor.

Priority is accorded to those with well-articulated training and research goals,

Application Deadline

The application deadline is December 15, 2023. The online portal opens on November 1, for applicants to present their credentials. Final decisions, a culmination of a meticulous selection process, are reached by January 15.

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