Claude Levi Strauss: Claude Levi Strauss Contribution to the Society

Have you heard of the name Claude Levi Strauss before? Or is it your first time coming across the name? Or perhaps you are inquisitive about who he is? If yes, you’ve come to the right place, in a detailed and analytical manner, I will explain to you all you need to know about Claude Levi Strauss.

Claude Levi Strauss

Claude Levi Strauss

Now, the name Claude Levi Strauss connotes a key developer of the theory of structuralism and structural anthropology, he was a French anthropologist and ethnologist, he worked alongside James George Frazer and Franz broad who is known as the “father of modern anthropology”.

Claude Levi Strauss was born on the 28th of November, 1908, and died after numerous honors achievements from universities and institutions on the 30th of October, 2009 in Paris, France.

What Is Claude Levi Strauss Theory?

If you’re wondering about the theory Levi Strauss speculated and proposed or you’re in the dark about it? It’s simple and the theory is not complicated.

Although Claude Levi  Strauss was a French anthropologist in the 1900s, hevhowrbet proposed a theory which is called the *binary opposites*, it says that the majority of narratives in the media forms like books and films containing main characters, the binary opposites also helping to thicken the plot and further the narratives.

What is Claude Levi Strauss Famous For?

Realizing what Strauss was famous for is also very essential to make you understand his works, Claude Levi Strauss was mainly known for:

  • Leading exponent of structuralism, which also applies to the analysis of cultural systems such as kinship and mythical systems, also relating to structural relations among their elements?

What Is  The Fundamental Premise of Claude Levi Strauss Approach To Myth

Claude Levi Strauss also had an approach towards *myth*, he believed mythology can be approached and seen with the same eyes as a language, he related it to *structuralism methods* used to address language.

However, this theory was a suggestion by Levi Strauss and can be approached analytically.

What was Claude Levi Strauss Contribution to the Society?

Now, Claude Levi Strauss’s main interest and study was on anthropology society and linguistics study. However, his notable idea and contribution is in:

  • Structuralism mythography, structuralist theory of mythology, culinary triangle, bricolage my theme alliance, and theory floating signifier.

Who Influenced Levi Strauss And Who Did He Influence?

Claude Levi Strauss influenced and helped a whole of people. And he was also influenced by some notable people. Now I will list those who Claude Levi Strauss influenced and who influenced him.

They are:

  • Claude Levi Strauss was Influenced by Morgan Saussure, Jakobson Boas, Durkheim Hegel, Radcliffe-Brown, and Mauss They contributed positively to his life.
  • Claude Levi Strauss also influenced some key notable people such as Bourdieu Leach, Clément Descola, Lacan Barthes, Althusser Deleuze and Guattari.

What Are The Honours And Tribute Given To Claude Levi Strauss?

Claude Levi Strauss didn’t only contribute to society at large and helped increase the knowledge about anthropology. He also was honored and ascribed a lot of awards by the Society and nations due to his invaluable contribution.

I will walk you some of them below:

  • He was given the cross of the national order of the Legion of Honor in France.
  • He was also awarded the commander of the order of the Southern Cross in Brazil.
  • In Belgium, he was given the merit award of the commander of the order of the crown.
  • He was given the grand cross of the order of the rising sun in Japan.
  • In Brazil, he was also awarded the commander of the order of the Southern Cross.

Haven understood who Claude Levi Strauss was and his works. It is his will essential to study his works and make yourself available of his insight and ideas into the various fields of life especially structuralism, and structural anthropology.

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