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Claud Levi Strauss is a French anthropologist and entomologist, very popular for his quotes though well known for his work in developing the theory of structuralism and structural anthropology. In this post, we shall be sharing some of the books written by Claud Levi Strauss and his quotes too.

Claud Levi Strauss

Claud Levi Strauss | Books by Claud Levi Strauss

Here, we will be sharing with you a long list of the books written by Claud Levi Strauss. Below is the list of books by Strauss.

  • A World on The Wane
  • Anthropologie Structurale
  • Anthropologie Structurale Deux
  • Also, Anthropology and Myth
  • Anthropology Confronts the Problems of The Modern World
  • El Pensamiento Salvaje
  • Elementary Structures of Kinship
  • From Honey to Ashes
  • Histoire De Lynx
  • Historia De Lince
  • Intro Work Marcel Mauss
  • Introduction to A Science of Mythology
  • La Alfarera Celosa
  • La Pensee Sauvage
  • Also, La Potiere Jalouse
  • La Via De Las Mascaras
  • Les Structures Elementaires De La Parente
  • Look, Listen, Read
  • Mito Y Significado

More Books by Claud Levi Strauss

  • Myth and Meaning
  • Oeuvres
  • Race and History
  • Race Et Histoire
  • Raw and The Cooked, Introduction to A Science of Mythology
  • Regarder Ecouter, Lire
  • Saudades Do Brasil
  • Structural Anthropology
  • Structural Anthropology, Volume 2
  • The Jealous Potter
  • The Naked Man
  • The Origin of Table Manners
  • Also, The Other Face of The Moon
  • The Raw and The Cooked
  • The Savage Mind
  • Also, The Scope of Anthropology
  • The Story of Lynx
  • The Way of The Masks
  • Totemism
  • Traurige Tropen
  • Tristes Tropiques
  • View from Afar

Here are the books by Claud Levi Strauss arranged in alphabetical order. This list contains all the books by Strauss.

Claud Levi Strauss Quotes

In this section, we will be sharing some very popular quotes from Strauss. Below are some of Claud Levi Strauss’s quotes.

  1. “Animals are good to think with.”
  2. “Anthropology found its Galileo in Rivers, its Newton in Mauss.”
  3. “Language is a form of human reason, which has its internal logic of which man knows nothing.”
  4. “The anthropologist respects history, but he does not accord it a special value. He conceives it as a study complementary to his own: one of them unfurls the range of human societies in time, the other in space.”
  5. “The musical emotion springs precisely from the fact that at each moment the composer withholds or adds more or less than the listener anticipates on the basis of a pattern that he thinks he can guess, but that he is incapable of wholly divining. . ..”
  6. “The only phenomenon with which writing has always been concomitant is the creation of cities and empires, that is the integration of large numbers of individuals into a political system, and their grading into castes or classes. It seems to have favored the exploitation of human beings rather than their enlightenment.”
  7. “The order and harmony of the Western world, its most famous achievement, and a laboratory in which structures of a complexity as yet unknown are being fashioned demand the elimination of a prodigious mass of noxious by-products which now contaminate the globe. The first thing we see as we travel around the world is our own filth, thrown into the face of mankind.”
  8. “The wise man doesn’t give the right answers, he poses the right questions.”
  9. “The world began without man, and it will complete itself without him.”
  10. “These facts make the creator of music a being like the gods, and make music itself the supreme mystery of human knowledge.”

The list above contains 10 of the most popular quotes from Claud Levi Strauss, and they are in no particular order. More research can be done on Google.

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