3 Ways to Close the Skills Gap for Your Employees

This article will provide you with 3 practical ways to close the skills gap for your employees. Nowadays, many employers find it difficult to see the appropriate skills that they want their employees to have. There is an increase in the difference between the skills that their employees have and what they need to do their job.3 Ways to Close the Skills Gap for Your Employees

Most organizations have also found out that a few years from now, there would be a great skills gap in their workplace. This has become a major concern to many employers. However, is there a way that this can be remedied?

Well, the good news is that there are some steps that employers can take now to forge stronger skill set. Read on to discover 3 Ways to Close the Skills Gap for Your Employees.

3 Ways to Close the Skills Gap for Your Employees

There are some ways that you can close the skills gap for your employees. However, in this article, you would find three very effective ways. They are discussed below

Offer On-the-Job Training for Your Employees

This is the first way to close the skills gap for your organization. When you offer on-the-job training for your employees, you’ll familiarize them with the work environment. It will also give them practical knowledge of their job role, and the tools they would be working with.

On-the-Job training will equip inexperienced employees with the skills that they should have. This includes communication, problem-handling, and teamwork skills. If this technique is carried out properly, it can work effectively to close the skills gap for your employee.

Provide Training Programs for Your Employees

When you provide training programs for your employees, you empower them with the skills that they need for career development. Some employees have a good skill set but they do not have the time and resources to improve their careers.

However, when you provide them with the resources that they need to grow their career. This is another effective method to bridge the skills gap with your employees.

Coaching and Mentoring

This is another effective way to close the skills gap for your employees. It provides employees with real-time learning and gives room for development in their skills. In this method, you’ll not only provide your employees with the resources that they need to learn new skills, but you also guide them deeply to improve their skill set.

Coaching involves deep training for employees in a way that will help them improve on the new skills they’ve mastered. This method also involves asking your employees thought-provoking questions.

Tips to Close the Skills Gap in Your Organization

With the increasing level of the skills gap in organizations, employers struggle to find the skills that they need in their workers. This makes them implement strategies to close the skills gap in their organization.

However, if you’ve decided to take steps to close the skills gap for your employees, there are some tips below that you guide you

Identify the Needed Skills

This is the first step towards closing the skills gap in your organization. It is very necessary for you to perform a skill gap analysis first to know the areas where your employees are weakest the most. In some companies, the skills gap is strongest the most in executive management. Meanwhile, in others, it could be in IT management.

Hence, you need to perform a skill gaps analysis to know the skills that your employees currently have and what they don’t. This will make it easier and more effective when you implement any training program.

Develop Soft Skills

You need to work towards developing the soft skills of your employees. Like hard skills, soft skills are also very essential. They are the interpersonal skills that help your employees to collaborate and work efficiently together. However, most employees lack them.

They include communication skills, teamwork, adaptability, punctuality, and listening skills. Hence, you need to train your employees to develop these skills.

Offer Mentoring

As earlier stated, this is an effective way to improve the skill set of your employees. You need to provide mentors and coaches alongside learning programs to encourage skill retention. If you do not have the resources within your firm, you need to source around for external experts to coach your employees.

Try Different Learning Formats

Although digital training is the most common learning format used, to train employees to improve their skill set, you could still apply other formats. These formats can be done offline and also be very effective in closing the skills gap in your organization. Some other formats that you can implement are

  • In-person/ virtual workshop
  • Individual and team assignments
  • Expert coaching
  • Fieldwork
  • Experience-led change supports
  • Organization-led change support
  • Sponsor coaching
  • Organization and/or individual diagnostics.

Track Your Progress

After you have implemented all the other steps to close the skills gap in your organization, you need to track the development progress. Tracking the progress of your efforts is very necessary to determine the effect of all your efforts.

You can monitor the progress of your efforts by using analytics. You need to create a platform that allows customized reporting. With that, you can monitor the development programs you’ve implemented and see if they are producing results. Consider making use of

  • Assessment reports
  • Simulating training performance reports
  • Certifications


What is Skills Gap in the Workforce?

A skills gap in a workplace occurs when there is a difference between the skills that the employers need and what the employees have. This makes it extremely difficult for the employees to perform the job well up to the employer’s satisfaction.

What Causes a Skills Gap?

The skills gap in an organization could be caused or even contributed to by several factors including

  • Lack of technical training.
  • The advancement of technology.
  • Increasing demand for skills, services, or products.
  • Lack of soft skills.

How Do You Solve Lack of Skills?

If there is a shortage of skills in your organization, you have to

  • Train existing employees
  • Think more creatively and be more adaptable
  • Revaluate your recruiting practices
  • Partner with educational facilities
  • Use contingent workers
  • Rethink the workforce
  • Focus on staff retention

What are the Top Skills that Most Employees Lack?

The most common skills employees lack that create skills gaps are

  • Writing proficiency
  • Public speaking
  • Data Analytics
  • Problem-solving
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Communication skills

How Do You Address Skills Gaps in a Workplace?

To address the skills gap in your workplace

  • Identify skills gaps early
  • Create a learning culture
  • Offer coaching
  • Promote continuous learning
  • Access progress

How Can You Reduce the Skill Gap in Your Organization?

Reskilling- involves training employees to transition to a new role. Also, upskilling- involves training them on new skills and providing them with resources to improve on their existing role.



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