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Heard of the Walmart Marketplace Fulfillment? Walmart wasn’t always known for its online marketplace, but within the past few years, has become a top destination for both sellers and shoppers alike.

Between acquiring companies like Bonobos and Modcloth, and expanding its online shipping capabilities, Walmart has really stepped up its eCommerce game.

Walmart Marketplace Fulfillment

Walmart Marketplace offers products that are sold in brick-and-mortar Walmart stores in addition to a range of things from third-party marketplace sellers that Walmart has vetted and approved.

Walmart Fulfillment Services

Walmart marketplace fulfillment refers to the method of fulfilling online orders from purchases made on the Walmart Marketplace. Walmart fulfillment services are provided in-house by Walmart, additionally as by third-party logistics service providers.

Selling on Walmart Marketplace: 6 advantages for third-party sellers

As the world’s largest retailer, can provide value to third-party sellers. Any approved Walmart Marketplace Seller can cash in of the subsequent benefits.

Huge marketplace

There is a large kind of products sold on the Walmart Marketplace and a breadth of eligible items, as long as they aren’t within the prohibited products list. Walmart has no SKU minimums or maximums, so you’ll be able to potentially list your entire product catalog.

Great exposure

With countless Walmart customers and quite 100 million site visitors monthly, you’ll increase the visibility of your products by listing on and boost your growth.

Easy transactions

Walmart doesn’t charge a per-order transaction fee to sellers, and all orders are securely processed by Walmart. You get paid every other week, and referral fees are automatically deducted.

Provide your own customer support

As e-commerce, Walmart Marketplace seller, you control, specify, and manage your return policy and customer service information, which incorporates a masked email address, signaling, and hours of operation.

You’ll be able to communicate directly together with your customers to answer their questions and resolve any issues, though Walmart requires sellers to retort to customer emails within one business day of receiving the message.

Freedom to ship on your own

Walmart Marketplace sellers who go down the self-fulfillment route can choose the carriers, shipping price, and Walmart shipping method they provide (it must be a minimum of one in every of the five shipping methods available). Sellers control the transit times and order cutoff times that show abreast of their product listings.

Lower costs

Unlike selling on Amazon, which is understood for charging third-party sellers a good type of FBA fees and line items, Walmart doesn’t have a setup fee, monthly fee, or subscription fee — they only deduct a referral fee for every sale placed on, which vary by product category.

Walmart Fulfillment Service Fees

Walmart Fulfillment service fees are supported by a set monthly storage fee and a fulfillment fee supported by the load of the package alone. Exceptions to the present are for attire and hazmat items.

Walmart Fulfillment is in a position to charge by weight alone for his or her fulfillment fee by limiting the most size of accepted products to 25″ x 20″ x 14″. This pricing structure may be advantageous for a few sellers but limiting for others.

This guide will provide a brief overview of a way to fulfill orders on the Walmart Marketplace using Amazon because of the fulfillment channel. (MCF).

How to Ship and ensure Orders

  • Go to your Orders Tab under ORDER MANAGEMENT.
  • Find your New Orders. New Orders Will make up Three categories: (New Orders, Orders Due Today, overdue Orders).
  • Once you find your order.
  • Click the acquisition order # hyperlink.
  • Under status change from Acknowledged to Ship.
  • If you have got a soundtracking number, change your carrier to your carrier which you shipped with, enter the tracking number, and click on update.
  • If fulfilling an MCF (Multi-Channel Fulfillment) order (Through Amazon), simply enter USPS because of the carrier and 12345 because of the tracking number. (Note you’ll be unable to edit this tracking number at a later time).

Click Update and you’re done.

Customer Service

Walmart Customer Service is different from Amazon or eBay. there’s not a central message area. All communications are done through email.

Sending Emails: To send an email attend your orders page. Next click on the acquisition order number for the order in question.

Sending Emails Within Walmart: Click Send email to send an email through the Walmart platform.

Sending Emails Outside of Walmart: Click Copy Email Address to repeat the purchaser’s email so an email may be sent to them.

Customer Service Escalation: For “customer service escalations” simply message the customer through Walmart using the steps above to resolve the problem with the customer. If not resolved within 48 hours Walmart may step in and issue a refund.

Responding to Emails: to reply to a customer message, email them back directly via your email client.

For more information on the way to place an MCF order through Amazon please visit the link below:

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