Vodacom Unveiled Pricing Hikes

Vodacom Group Limited reportedly unveiled pricing hikes. Vodacom South Africa, however, blamed the pricing hikes on factors like load shedding and website vandalism. The average adjustments, according to the telecom provider, come out to 4.6%, which is less than the 5.3% increase in headline consumer inflation that was noted in January.

Vodacom Unveiled Pricing Hikes

Vodacom Unveiled Pricing Hikes

Though fiber customers can anticipate an average increase of 5% on “selected fiber plans,” Vodacom said that post-paid tariffs and recurring and once-off bundles will be adjusted by an average of 8% starting in May, which is well above the consumer inflation rate and two percentage points above the upper band of the South African Reserve Bank’s inflation target.

The company released a statement saying, “The decision comes at a time when Vodacom continues to invest heavily into maintaining network resilience to deliver an enhanced customer experience and in response to various challenges faced by the industry that have resulted in increased operational costs for operators, including base station vandalism and battery theft, load shedding, currency weakness, and high inflation.”

It added, “We are fully alert to the financial pressures on customers caused by the high cost of living and remain committed to delivering innovations that enhance the value we deliver to customers to help alleviate the cost of living pressures.”

Vodacom Premium Red Plans Subscribers May Also Be Eligible for More Data

Vodacom claimed that subscribers on select of its “Premium Red Plans” are also eligible for more data up to an 11% increase.

As a South African mobile communications business, Vodacom is serving more than 130 million consumers in Africa with voice, message, data, and integrated services. Vodacom is a hybrid of Telkom and Vodafone. These two held, respectively, 35% and 50% of the original 1993-founded business.

Therefore, the new entity bears their names. Prepaid and contract services account for the majority of Vodacom’s income and earnings, with equipment and financial services making up a sizeable portion of the company’s top line.

Vodacom is Currently Now One of the Largest Telecom Companies in Africa

The contract allows you to manage how much you spend upfront without being tied into a contract, while prepaid allows you the ease of paying for services after you’ve used them via monthly debit order.

With a 60.5% ownership position, Vodafone owns the bulk of Vodacom, making it one of the largest telecom companies in Africa.



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