Vidiq vs Tubebuddy – Vidiq vs Tubebuddy Which One is Better?

Vidiq and Tubebuddy (Vidiq vs Tubebuddy) are of the highest quality in terms of the YouTube channel management toolkit. Despite having almost the same functionality, they still have some differences which will be highlighted as you read further. To not get you confused between both on which one to use, that’s why we will be giving you an outstanding comparison of Vidiq vs Tubebuddy2021.

Vidiq vs Tubebuddy

As a YouTuber with an account having thousands of thousands of subscribers, you need a hell of a huge amount of time to deliver a response to your audience. Not only that, at the same time, creating more fresh content so as to continue being active. So, for account management and content prioritization, you need YouTube channel growth and management tools such as Vidiq and Tubebuddy. Through these tools, you get to know what contents that can be effective on YouTube and what can’t.

Vidiq vs Tubebuddy Which One is Better?

You really need management toolkits and an effective one. It’s worth it as it can help you largely increase the growth of your subscribers within a short period of time. With Vidiq or Tubebuddy, you can accomplish that in no time. Despite their differences, they are both known to be safe and secured. Although before starting their differences, I would be highlighting what each of them is all about.


As a YouTuber, every subscriber counts, and losing just one can bring you down from a thousand subscribers to having hundreds of subscribers. Uploading great content on YouTube does not make you popular; there are keys to achieving such. Being a YouTuber, you need to get hold of every opportunity to boost your visibility on the network. The road to visibility rest and abides on the hands of analytics and Vidiq being a YouTube management tool is a perfect tool for that kind of SEO task.

Vidiq is highly integrated with YouTube as it assists you in YouTube SEO, scheduling your videos upload. Not only does it work for YouTube, but it also gives engagement analytics and information nights for Facebook and Twitter.

It majors in channel management but also helps in digital marketing helping you expand your audience. Actually, Vidiq acts as a browser plugin and is highly responsive. The Vidiq tool possesses free and premium plans along with its own benefits, so you can get a free plan and do some observations.


Like Vidiq, Tubebuddy also operates as a browser extension tool but still functions as a YouTube management tool running your account management and publishing. Tubebuddy helps you handle those annotations and cards and this you know helps boost traffic effectively. It helps improve your strategy as it runs analysis on your channel and video SEO optimization. This tool is well designed with highly productive tools that help you generate video thumbnails which can go a long way in improving your traffic.

Do you know Tubebuddy has an auto translator? This translator helps in translating your video descriptions and tags to various languages. This tool gives you great feedback on the performance of your videos as it runs tracking of video SEO results. It can also create promotional links that help in your email campaigns and as well runs tracking of these links through optimization.

Conclusion of Vidiq vs Tubebuddy

With the above explanation, you can see both are well designed with awesome features that help in managing your YouTube channel account and video optimization and so much more. Moreover, they both offer free plans based on having their own functionality. Despite that, there is a little bit of difference between them which are:

  • Vidiq’s plan is of lower prices compared to that of Tubebuddy
  • Tubebuddy as an extension operates on various browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari while Vidiq only works on the chrome browser.
  • Vidiq generates more advanced analysis to that of Tubebuddy
  • Tubebuddy has more features than Vidiq

With this comparison, I hope you can make a good choice of which tool to use. Besides, you can also try their free plans to test each of them to see which may fit your style. Although it’s possible to use Vidiq and Tubebuddy at the same time it can be confusing. I may suggest that if trying to run such a move, you make some adjustments in the settings.


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