Venmo Payment Support to be Added by Amazon in the US –


Venmo Payment Support to be Added by Amazon in the US. PayPal stated the as of next year, Amazon customers in the United States will be able to make their payments using its Venmo platform.

Venmo Payment Support to be Added by Amazon in the US

The move is expected to give Amazon users an entirely new way to pay for their online purchases, but it will be limited to just Venmo. The main Paypal platform is not supported by Amazon and the company didn’t say anything concerning the new support that includes PayPal accounts.

Venmo Payment Support to be Added by Amazon in the US

Venmo remains a mobile-based payment platform similar to Zelle and Cash App. With the aid of this platform, users would be able to send money from their existing balance or the linked bank account to others that are on the platform.

The major benefit here is that Venmo transactions are (in most cases) instant and are more convenient than swapping cash.

Venmo Team up With Amazon

PayPal Stated in an announcement on November 8 that they have teamed up with Amazon to help bring Venmo support to the Amazon mobile app and website. The company did not say anything concerning the support option but will be available aside from it arriving at some point next year.

Customers that have plans to utilize the upcoming support would be required to download Venmo on either iOS or the Google PlayStore in other to be able to create an account on the platform.

Users can choose to order a Venmo debit card to make use of in their account balance in situations where the mobile Payment option would not be supported.

Verdict Venmo Team up With Amazon

In a statement, Venmo SVP and GM Darrell Esch stated “Over the last year, we have focused on giving our Venmo community more ways to use Venmo in their daily lives, including the ability to pay with QR Codes and providing more shopping features like purchase protection.

We’re thrilled to make it possible for our users and Amazon customers to pay with Venmo starting next year.”


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