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Using Facebook avatars has become more rampant on Facebook. If you are yet to hear about Facebook Avatars, then you are missing out on a lot. Facebook avatar was Facebook’s top update last year during the lockdown. This features Facebook users creating cartoon avatars of themselves using the Avatar app on the platform. This app was more like a Facebook reply to bitmoji and the feature has been useful ever since then.

Using Facebook Avatars

Facebook avatar is really great, and if you are not too busy, you can take your time to create your avatar using all the provided options by Facebook. The avatar was not just created just for you to admire, but for your friend and family on Facebook to admire. The basic reason for this feature creation was to take the work of emojis to the next level. A lot of people have been making use of the avatar, and trust me, they have always gotten what they want.

Using Facebook Avatars

When it comes to using Facebook Avatar, there is more than enough to expect from the app. Just as I stated previously, the app was created to assist emojis on the platform. but, it does more than that. If you are about to send a smiley emoji, your avatar would tell deliver just that and more based on what you exactly want.

People making use of Facebook Avatar right Now, mainly make use of it in when chatting and commenting. If you are hearing about Facebook Avatar, you must have seen a cartoon-like character in a comment section, well that is the avatar. Facebook created the Avatars for the following reasons.

  • For commenting on posts
  • Chatting with Facebook friends
  • For use as your profile picture

And basically, anything that you can do using your emoji.

Creating a Facebook Avatar

To create a Facebook avatar should not be your problem because the steps is pretty easy. All you have to do is to make select the part and design you want for your avatar. The steps include:

  • Locate your Facebook avatar app in the Facebook menu
  • Tap on it and tap on get started
  • At this point, you would be required to select your choice of body parts
  • You get to choose your skin color, body size, gender, hairstyle, hair color, eyes, clothes, shoes, and more.
  • Once you are done with selecting the right part for your avatar, click done and that is it.

Once the avatar is created, you can make use of it for whatever you want to use it for. Trust me, using Facebook avatars is really fun. Plus, you can choose to change the clothes whenever you want to do so.

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