US Teen Shot Dead by Police Reportedly Dies in Mother’s Arms

Valentina Orellana-Peralta, the US teen shot dead by police reportedly dies in her mother’s arms.

US Teen Shot Dead by Police Reportedly Dies in Mother’s Arms

US Teen Shot Dead by Police Reportedly Dies in Mother’s Arms

The mother of the 14-year-old girl child that was killed accidentally by a stray police bullet in LA says that her daughter died in her arms. The victim, Valentina Orellana-Peralta was with her mother on December 23rd in a clothes shop when an officer of the law opened fire on a suspect.

The bullet however pierced the wall and hit her (the victim). Soledad Peralta, the mother of the victim said she wept as she was describing how she begged officers in a bid to help her daughter, but instead they “just left her laying there.”

The Events That Played Out According To Mrs. Peralta

Mrs. Peralta narrated how she and her daughter heard screaming and commotion from outside the changing room while they were trying on birthday dresses for a party at the North Hollywood department stores in a statement read by a lawyer. They sat down together after the incident, hugging each other, and then prayed together.

In her statement, Mrs. Peralta said that she felt something hit her daughter and in the process flinging both of them to the ground. She added that Valentina’s body “went limp” and that she “tried to wake her up by shaking her, but she didn’t wake up.” She said that valentine died in her arms.

She screamed for help according to her statement but no one actually came and “when the police finally came, they took me out of the dressing room and left my daughter laying there. I wanted to help her, but they just left her lying there alone.”

Mrs. Peralta, the mother of the victim said that seeing a daughter or son die in your arms is one of the “most profound pains any human being can imagine.”

The LA Police Departments Response

Michel Moore, LA police chief has promised a “thorough, complete, and transparent investigation” into what he termed a “chaotic incident.”

Police had been reacting to reports that a man was acting sporadically inside the store and assaulting clients with a weighty bicycle lock. He was additionally shot dead. Crisis calls included reports that the suspect had a weapon, yet no gun was found.

Police bodycam film shows officials surrounding the man with their weapons drawn as he clubs a lady.

Valentina’s Dad Response to the Incident

Valentina’s dad, Juan Pablo Orellana, said the activities of the cops included were careless.

He said, “I will not rest until the last day, until all these criminals are in jail.”  The family of the 14-year-old victim who is a Chilean immigrant said that she loved skateboarding and that she had one day hoped to become a citizen of the USA.

The father of the victim, Mr. Orellana showed a skateboard to reporters that were bought for her as a Christmas gift. He added that he would now “have to take it to the grave, so she can skate with the angels.”

He continued to say that “it is like my whole heart has been ripped out of my body. The pain of opening the Christmas present for her that has been delivered for Christmas day cannot be articulated.”


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