More Organizations Opt-Out Of In-Person Presence in CES

More organizations opt-out of in-person presence in CES. As far as the planned CES event is concerned, the past few days have been quiet given the standards of the event. But owing to the holiday it is kind of expected.

More Organizations Opt-Out Of In-Person Presence in CES

More Organizations Opt-Out Of In-Person Presence in CES

The last major news to drop out in regards to the Las Vegas slated event came from Microsoft as the tech company confirmed on Christmas Eve that it will not be traveling to Las Vegas for the event. The news however followed similar announcements from other major companies such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Amazon, TikTok, GM, Google, Lenovo, Intel, Meta, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Various large names are as yet affirmed for the following week’s show, including Samsung, LG, BMW, Qualcomm, and Sony. As of December 23, the CTA noticed that “north of 2,200” organizations were all the while intending to go to the show. I will say that, episodically, I’ve heard from various new businesses who have selected not to join in, and furthermore bounty who are as yet intending to be at the show face to face.

AMD Confirms It Is Dropping Its In-Person Representation

Today, some key organizations have added their names to the rundown of the previous, including AMD, MSI, OnePlus, and Proctor and Gamble. A representative for AMD affirmed the organization’s choice in an assertion to TechCrunch:

“After careful deliberation, AMD has decided to cancel our in-person presence at CES 2022 in Las Vegas and will instead transition to a virtual experience. While the AMD 2022 products premiere was always planned as a digital-only live stream, our in-person engagements will now transition to virtual in the best interest of the health and safety of our employees, partners, and communities. We look forward to sharing all our exciting news as scheduled on January 4th.”

OnePlus was not an authority exhibitor at the occasion but rather intended to hold an occasion in Las Vegas to collide with the huge show coincidentally. The organization has since affirmed with TechCrunch that it will presently not hold an in-person occasion in Vegas, out of developing worry around the omicron variation.

Gaming Company MSI’s Statement

MSI which is a gaming company via a press release confirmed that it will not be attending the event. “Since December, the rapidly spreading Omicron variant has brought the USA a surge of COVID-19 cases,” Sam Chern, VP of MSI in a statement said. “The health and well-being of our employees, customers, and fans are our top priority. Hence, we have decided not to participate at CES 2022 and will join the show virtually with our online product launch.”

Proctor and Gamble Also Drops In-Person Representation

Proctor & Gamble, a company that used the CES event in debuting technologies for other brands such as Oral-B and Gillette via a statement announced its decision:

“Since our planning began for CES 2022, the health and well-being of P&G people and partners have remained our top priority. While we recognize the significant safety protocols implemented by the Consumer Technology Association, given rapidly shifting developments with COVID-19, we’re shifting to an all-virtual experience out of an abundance of caution”.

CTA’s Response to the Ever-Growing List of Big Name Drop Outs

In an op-ed run by the Las Vegas Review-journal on Xmas day, Gary Shapiro who is the head of CTA downplayed the media coverage of big-name companies from the event which he termed the “drumbeat of press and other critics who tell the story only through their lenses of drama and big-name companies.”


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