UNICEF Youth Foresight Fellowship 2023 – APPLY NOW

The call for applications is now open for the UNICEF Youth Foresight Fellowship 2023! Do you belong to the class of Young, Motivated Futurists? UNICEF Innocenti is extending a hand to young, forward-thinking individuals! The organization is searching for enthusiastic youth who bring to the table a blend of curiosity, creativity, and a strong commitment to societal betterment.

UNICEF Youth Foresight Fellowship

While previous experience in futures and foresight is valued, UNICEF firmly believes in the potential and is excited to receive applications from young minds with exceptional skills in facilitation, research, advocacy, and communication.

Details About UNICEF Youth Foresight Fellowship 2023

The UNICEF Innocenti’s Youth Foresight Fellowship (UYFF), is a prestigious one-year-long program designed to empower young trailblazers in crafting not only their personal destinies but also the strategies of UNICEF.

This extraordinary opportunity beckons fellows to partake in pioneering research and advocacy initiatives, igniting a tangible transformation. UYFF isn’t just a program; it’s a dynamic catalyst for effecting change, channeling foresight into impactful action for the well-being of children and youth worldwide.

Who’s Eligible for UNICEF Youth Foresight Fellowship?

You’re eligible to apply for UNICEF Youth Foresight Fellowship 2023 if you meet the requirements below:

  • If you’re aged 15-25 and brimming with youthful enthusiasm,
  • If you hail from Algeria, Argentina, Comoros, Egypt, Ghana, Maldives, Mali, Myanmar, Türkiye, Pakistan, or the USA,
  • If you possess prior foresight experience or if you wield skills transferable to research, facilitation, advocacy, and hold expertise in issues crucial to the future of children and youth,
  • If you can dedicate an average of 5-10 hours weekly to the fellowship,

Do you meet the above-stated criteria? If yes, then, congratulations! Go ahead and apply by following the application guide on how to apply below.

The Fellowship Experience

  • Running for 10 months, commencing in September 2023 through online platforms,
  • Fellows will engage in two projects: a group endeavor centered around global trends and an independent project focused on national concerns. The specifics of these projects, including themes and scopes, are yet to be determined. The intent is to empower fellows to shape their own focus areas.
  • The 2023 edition is open for creative submissions that allow fellows to showcase their vision of the future as part of the application process. So, express yourself through short stories, videos, poems, songs, visual art, or any other creative medium of your choice.


Selected fellows won’t only gain invaluable experience but will also receive a stipend for their dedicated efforts throughout the fellowship period.

How to Apply for UNICEF Youth Foresight Fellowship 2023?

Applying for the UNICEF Youth Foresight Fellowship is Easy! Kindly follow the steps below:

  • Click this application link: https://forms.gle to access and  Complete the Application Form.
  • You will need to Share a link to a folder with your CV/résumé and a compelling cover letter.
  • Provide a link to a shared folder containing your creative submission.

Application Deadline

August 21st, 2023.

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