Twitter Will Not Be Sending Payout to Blue Subscribers on Time

Twitter will not be sending payout of ad revenue sharing to blue subscribers on time. The social media networking platform late Friday made the reported announcement citing that the check is not yet in the mail.

Twitter Payout to Blue Subscribers

Twitter Payout to Blue Subscribers

In news that is not that very surprising given the recent history of Twitter, which Elon Musk is at the moment rebranding to X, the company will not be able to make some payments that it has promised on time. The X Support account states that just because its “Ads Revenue Sharing” program is so much popular, “We need a bit more time to review everything for the next payout and aim to get all eligible accounts paid as soon as possible.”

An excerpt from the support page reads;

“August 4, 2023 update: The volume of people signing up for revenue sharing has exceeded our expectations. We previously said that payments would occur the week of July 31st. We need a bit more time to review everything for the next payout and hope to get all eligible accounts paid as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience!”

Elon Musk’s Reply Regarding the Delays

In between replies to parodies of his very own account, tweets related to the SpaceX Starship, The Boring Company, as well as other posts, Elon Musk tweeted a couple of times about the reported delay.

Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino on the other hand has not tweeted publicly regarding the delay.

He (Elon Musk) replied to one comment that claims a lot of people are interested, thus saying, “Which is great! They should be,” and then later claimed that due to the overwhelming interest (without attaching form of numbers), payments in question would “take a few more days to process.”

How Users Feel About the Reported Delays

That is however not exactly what you would want to hear from a program that is touting itself as “part of our effort to help people earn a living directly on X,” and the main key to the dream of Elon Musk’s X for an app that handles banking, stock trading, as well as other vital financial features. Musk just recently announced the revenue-sharing plan back in February, and the company, however, has sent out the first round of payments for eligible accounts (with paid verification via Twitter Blue or Verified organizations, 15 million “organic” impressions in the last recorded three months, and then at least 500 followers) a couple of weeks ago just before opening up registration to many more people.

The New Development Is a Familiar One to the Company

However, hearing that payments are not yet arriving is very familiar news to a host of people as well as organizations that are involved with X / Twitter ever since the takeover of Musk. That in question is inclusive of landlords of buildings that are used by Twitter in San Francisco as well as London or former employees of Twitter Africa who laid a complaint that they were “ghosted” and even left without promised severance payments.

The list in question as you should know also features various former employees that filed a lawsuit against the firm back in May, saying that “Twitter’s new leadership deliberately, specifically, and repeatedly announced their intentions to breach contracts, violate laws, and otherwise ignore their legal obligations,” while also leaving rent, vendors, as well as severance unpaid.

The Financial Situation of Twitter/X According To Musk

A Wall Street Journal article that was posted in February counted nine lawsuits altogether covering $14 million in unpaid bills at the time reported.

Musk in July tweeted about the financial situation of Twitter / X, saying, “We’re still negative cash flow, due to ~50% drop in advertising revenue plus heavy debt load.”

But hey, the unpaid  Twitter Google Cloud bill reportedly got paid eventually, so just maybe everyone who took out $8 (or $84 annually) in the hope of getting to cash in on the revenue sharing of Elon will get paid too, and very much soon.



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