How to Get Started with Trinity Debt Management

How do you feel dealing with high-interest credit card balances, medical bills, or other debts you can’t seem to get ahead of?

Trinity Debt Management
Trinity Debt Management

Debt can weigh heavily both financially and emotionally. But you don’t have to tackle it alone. Trinity Debt Management offers a proven nonprofit program to help consolidate debts into one manageable payment and provide ongoing education and support.

What Exactly is Trinity Debt Management?

Trinity Debt Management is a nonprofit credit counselling agency with a mission to help consumers like you regain financial health. They provide customized debt management plans, credit counselling, financial education, and more to help you take control of debt.

Their certified credit counsellors take a compassionate, judgement-free approach to assess your full financial situation. Then they create a tailored action plan to pay off debt through strategic consolidation and lowered interest rates. Ongoing support helps you change behaviours for long-term financial wellness.

The Benefits of Trinity’s Debt Management Services

Trinity offers a holistic set of services to handle debt:

Debt Management Plans

The cornerstone of Trinity’s program is its debt management plans. This allows you to consolidate multiple high-interest debts like credit cards, medical bills, payday loans etc. into one lower monthly payment to Trinity.

They distribute the payment to your creditors and negotiate reduced interest rates on your behalf. This simplifies repayment and saves you money throughout the program.

Credit Counseling

Trinity’s certified credit counsellors provide credit counselling and customize debt management plans aligned to your unique financial situation and goals. In a compassionate conversation, they will review your full financial picture and make specific recommendations.

Financial Education

Ongoing financial education is key to changing habits long-term. Trinity offers free workshops and resources on budgeting, saving, understanding credit, protecting your identity, and more personal finance topics.

Additional Counseling Services

Trinity also provides specialized counselling on:

  • Advice on repayment plans and loan forgiveness programs
  • Assistance for homeowners struggling with mortgage payments or facing foreclosure
  • Guidance before filing bankruptcy and rebuilding credit after the additional counselling can supplement debt management plans or stand-alone for those needing targeted financial advice.

How Trinity’s Debt Management Program Works

The process of enrolling and succeeding in Trinity’s debt management program is straightforward:

  • Meet with a Trinity credit counsellor by phone or in person to review your financial goals and situation.
  • The counsellor will provide an impartial analysis of your debts, interest rates, and monthly payments and provide debt relief options.
  • The counsellor creates a debt repayment plan aligning with your budget and financial goals.
  • Your debts are consolidated into one lower monthly payment to Trinity.
  • Trinity negotiates reduced interest rates on your debts, so more of your payment goes to the principal.
  • Trinity distributes your consolidated payment across your creditors and handles all account communications.
  • Credit counsellors support you throughout the repayment period, typically 4-5 years until debts are paid off.
  • Trinity provides free educational resources and workshops to help you build long-term money management skills.

The end benefit is simplifying multiple monthly payments into one, saving money through lower interest rates, and getting ongoing support – all under Trinity’s trusted nonprofit guidance.

Who Can Benefit from Trinity Debt Management?

Trinity’s debt relief services can help all sorts of consumers get out of debt faster and change money habits for good, including:

  • Individuals with high credit card balances carrying over 20%, 30% or higher interest rates. The debt management plan can substantially reduce interest costs.
  • Those struggling with overwhelming medical debt that feels impossible to pay off. The program allows you to consolidate various medical bills into an affordable monthly payment.
  • People repeatedly leaning on payday loans and facing triple-digit interest rates. Trinity can help break this debt cycle.
  • Young adults want to start financial life on the right foot through education and strategic debt repayment.
  • College students need to manage education debt and learn money skills.
  • Homeowners need an alternative to foreclosure through Trinity’s housing counselling services.
  • Anyone needing an impartial, non-profit-backed review of their overall financial situation.

How to Get Started with Trinity Debt Management

If you feel lost in debt and want a helping hand to regain financial control, the first step is simple:

  • Visit or call 800-685-0577 to set up a free meeting with a certified credit counsellor.
  • Trinity provides caring counsellors throughout over 35 states.
  • Meet with a counsellor face-to-face or over the phone, whichever is more comfortable.
  • The initial meeting to review your debts and options is always free.
  • If enrolled in the debt management program, there is an affordable monthly fee of $20-40 to administer payments.

Take advantage of Trinity’s free expertise and compassionate approach to create a realistic debt repayment plan. The sooner you reach out, the faster you can reduce interest costs and get on the path to becoming debt-free.

The Benefits of Nonprofit Debt Relief

In an industry filled with for-profit companies, what sets Trinity apart? As a nonprofit, Trinity places the financial health of consumers first – not profits. Here are some top benefits of their services:

  • Their advisors must complete extensive training and certification.
  • They take the time to understand your unique situation.
  • They reduced interest rates through negotiation, interest rates are lowered substantially.
  • Simplify finances with one monthly payment to Trinity.
  • They check in throughout your journey out of debt.
  • Free resources help build lasting money management skills.
  • Trinity cares about improving consumers’ financial lives.

Insight on Managing Debt

In addition to leveraging Trinity’s services, here are some key strategies to take control of debt:

  • Check all three reports for any errors negatively impacting your score. Dispute inaccuracies.
  • Use a budget tracking app to understand where every dollar is going each month. Identify areas to cut back.
  • Paying the minimum balance only prolongs debt. Pay as much extra as possible toward the highest interest balances first.
  • Explore balance transfer credit cards or loan consolidation services to save on interest payments.
  •  Have 3-6 months’ expenses set aside to avoid taking on further debt during a crisis or job loss.
  • Set up autopay and reminders on secured accounts to avoid missed payments and fees.
  • Programs like Trinity’s can negotiate lower rates and provide structure.
  • You don’t have to tackle debt alone. Certified advisors can provide an impartial roadmap and ongoing education.


Trinity Debt Management offers a reputable nonprofit program to help you reduce interest rates, consolidate payments, and provide ongoing education for long-term financial wellness. Their certified credit counsellors take a judgement-free approach to assess your situation and create a customized repayment plan that fits your budget.

Schedule a free consultation today with Trinity to discuss your options for debt relief. Their customized debt management plan can help you save thousands in interest and simplify finances with one monthly payment. With a strategic plan in place, you can finally envision a future free of debt.



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