Top Job in Canada that Doesn’t Need Work Permit – How to Apply!

Do you want to have a job in Canada without a job permit but you just do not know what types of job options are available? This write-up will help you with all the options you need to know. You will also get the average annual salaries of each job.

Top Job in Canada that Doesn’t Need Work Permit
Top Job in Canada that Doesn’t Need Work Permit

For a while, I have come across the following questions on the web, “can I work in Canada without a job permit?” or “can I work in Canada as a US citizen?”, What are the top-paying jobs in Canada without a work permit?”

It is worth noting that a work permit is not mandatory for all types of jobs and some jobs in Canada do not require a work permit from immigrants.

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada that Do not Require Job Permit

The list below contains 20 jobs in Canada for immigrants that do not require a work permit.


The clergy is all those who have been ordained for religious service. So, if you are a clergy member and have a duty to perform, such as preaching doctrine, providing spiritual guidance, or presiding over a religious event, you are exempt from the work permit requirement. Anything beyond the aforementioned will necessitate the application for a work permit.

Emergency Service Providers

You may be sent to Canada on emergency duty; therefore, as long as you are called upon for emergency rendering services, you will not need a work permit to enter Canada. Medical services, appraisers, and provincially licensed insurance adjusters are examples of such services.


You and your teammates would not need a work permit to migrate to Canada as athletes. In other words, both coaches and team members who participate in sporting events in Canada do not require a work permit or are exempt from the work permit requirements.

  1. Examiners and Evaluators

You do not need a work permit to enter Canada as an academic guide, professor, or examiner if you are guiding students on their work, conducting research, or evaluating Canada academy university programs.


Some types of farm work do not require a work permit to enter Canada. This includes both volunteer farm work and non-commercial farm work. However, you do not need a work permit if your primary purpose is to engage in these farm activities.

Aviation Accident or Incident Investigator

If you are certified as an agent or adviser to investigate aviation accidents and/or other incidents, you may not need a work permit to conduct such investigations in Canada. The investigation must be conducted under the Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board Act to qualify for the exemption.

Business Visitor

Business Visitors are foreign nationals who visit Canada for business purposes but do not enter the Canadian labour force. If you meet the definition of a business visitor, you may not need a work permit in Canada.

There is a significant difference between a business visitor and a business person; make sure you meet the definition to be eligible for the exemption.

Civil Aviation Inspector

You may be eligible for a work permit exemption if you are employed to inspect the flight operations and cabin safety of international flights passing through Canada.

Convention Organizer

If you organize or run international conventions or meetings, you may be eligible for a work permit exemption. Please keep in mind that this exemption only applies to organizers; anyone providing hands-on services (such as audio-visual services) at such conventions must have the appropriate work authorization.

Crew Member

You may be eligible for a work permit exemption if you are a foreign national who works as a truck driver, bus driver, shipping, or airline employee. To qualify for the exemption, your job must meet two criteria:

You must be working on vehicles owned and registered by businesses outside of Canada that are used to transport cargo and/or passengers internationally, and Your work must be related to vehicle operation and/or passenger service.

Expert Witness or Investigator

You may be eligible for a work permit exemption if you are working in Canada to provide evidence before a regulatory body, a tribunal, or a court of law.

Foreign Government Officer or Representative

If you meet any of the three conditions listed below, you may be eligible for a work permit exemption:

  • You are a foreign government employee working under an exchange agreement that allows officials to work in governments in both your country and Canada.
  • You are a foreign diplomat or a government official from another country.
  • You are a foreign diplomat or a United Nations official representative.

Employees from other governments who will be in Canada for more than three months must obtain an official letter.

Healthcare Student

If you are a foreign national studying in the healthcare field in Canada and want to work as part of a training program, you may qualify for a work permit exemption. To be eligible for the exemption, you must meet the four conditions listed below:

  • You must be enrolled in clinical clerkships.
  • The primary purpose of your employment is for training.
  • You must have written permission from the provincial regulatory body that governs your profession (please note that not all provinces require this).
  • Your training must be completed in less than four months.

If you do not meet all of these requirements, you will be required to obtain a work permit.

Military Personnel

If you are a member of another country’s armed forces, you may be eligible for a work permit exemption in Canada. You must have movement orders stating that you are entering Canada under the Visiting Forces Act to qualify for this exemption.

Judge, Referee, or Similar Official

You may be eligible for a work permit exemption if you are a foreign national travelling to Canada to judge or be an official at an international amateur competition. This exemption applies to the following types of events:


  • Festivals of music and dance.
  • Animal exhibits.
  • Agricultural competitions.

Producer or Staff Member Working on Advertisements

You may be eligible for a work permit exemption if you are entering Canada to work on a foreign-financed commercial/advertising shoot for television, magazines, or other media. To be eligible, you must hold one of the following positions:

  • Filmmaker
  • Actor
  • Director
  • Technician
  • Other vital personnel

News Reporter or Film and Media Crew

If you are a foreign national working as a news reporter or on a film and media crew in Canada, you may be eligible for a work permit exemption. You must meet one of the following requirements if you want to use this job.

  • You must be a news reporter or a member of the crew of a news reporter.
  • You must be a member of a film or media crew who will not work in Canada.
  • You must be a journalist working for a non-Canadian print, radio, television, or web-based publication.
  • You must be a local correspondent.
  • You must be a manager or clerical staff member of an event that lasts less than 6 months.

Performing Artist

Certain foreign performing artists are permitted to work without a work permit in Canada. Several requirements must be met by the foreign national to qualify for this exemption:

  • You are the foreign artist or key support staff for the artist.
  • You will be performing in Canada for a limited time.
  • The organization that hired you will not hire you for ongoing Canadian work.
  • You will not be involved in the production of a television, radio, or film broadcast.

Public Speaker

If you are a guest speaker, commercial speaker, or seminar leader, you may be eligible for a work permit exemption. This exemption is only available to speakers at events lasting no more than 5 days.

Short-term Highly-Skilled Worker

Some foreign nationals visiting Canada for short-term research may qualify for a work permit exemption. This exemption is only available if the researcher meets the following criteria:

  • Must be conducting research at a public degree-granting institution or affiliated research institution for 120 days or less
  • This exemption must not have been used within the previous 12 months.

With all these jobs, you do not need to look for a work permit in Canada

Can I Work in Canada as US Citizen?

Unless your job is exempt from requiring a work permit, you must obtain onto to work in Canada. Regrettably, this rule applies to US citizens as well as other applicants.

You may, however, apply for a work permit at a port of entry. There are some exceptional cases where applying before entering Canada is preferable. As a result, before travelling to Canada, consult with a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Job is Easiest to Get in Canada?

The most in-demand jobs in Canada are the easiest to obtain. Web developers, veterinarians, drivers, receptionists, registered nurses, engineers, welders, tradespeople, and opticians are among them. Low-skilled and part-time jobs are typically easier to obtain, but they do not pay well.

What Job Pays a Lot in Canada?

A doctor’s salary is likely to be the highest in Canada. Salaries for surgeons, cardiologists, radiologists, and anesthesiologists can exceed $300,000 per year.

Which Skill is Highly Required in Canada?

Software Engineering is one of the most sought-after skills in Canada. This is due to the growing demand for web developers and software engineers as mobile and web app penetration grows. If you have prior experience with coding or programming, you will have an easier time finding work in this field.

What Happens If You Work in Canada Without a Work Permit?

However, in most cases, a work permit is required to be legally permitted to work in Canada. Working illegally without a work permit can result in a one-year exclusion order or a deportation order, which is a permanent bar to re-entry into Canada.



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