Top African Food Shop in UK

Are you searching for an African Food shop? If yes, then you are in the right place. You can get your African food delivered to your door at the click of a mouse from the number one African food hoop Online

Top African Food Shops

They have almost all African food items like yam, Plantain, Cassava, cocoyam, Gari, semolina, matoke, Egusi, Ogbono, palm oil, fresh pepper, stockfish, amala, and more.

You will also see North African food items like grounded maize, cassava flour, and more, to South African foods and general toiletries like close-up toothpaste, hair products, cosmetics, and some popularly used over-the-counter African herbal medicines.

Top African Food Shops

Below are some of the top African food shops.

This is a UK-Wide African food shop delivering food to your door when you order from their website. They have been described as amongst the best and most consistent providers of African food ordering services in the UK.

This online UK shop was established in 2005, they have been at the forefront of African food delivery in the UK. They are not the only African foods Online shop, despite consistently maintaining a leading position.


Afrobuy is a family-run business that specializes in very high-quality African & Caribbean Food groceries from around the world. They are extraordinarily chosen tremendous run of items shifts from flavors and nourishment flavoring to poultry, fish, and chosen drinks and grains.

They offer home delivery and their meal is affordable. They have drinks and beverages, fruits and vegetables, grains, flour and cereal, and more.


Tis is an African food online shopping that is made easy. They offer quality food products from their online store and their Basildon Essex-based shop. They offer UK-wide delivery.

They specialize in the distribution of wholesale and retail African and Caribbean food. They sell both online and in-store.

Opening hours

  • Sunday-10am-4pm
  • Monday -8am-6pm
  • Tuesday-8am-6pm
  • Wednesday-8am-6pm
  • Thursday-8am-6pm
  • Sarturday-8am-6pm

The store is located at Unit 19, integrated House, Repton Court, Basildon SS13 1LN.

The Savanna

This is one of the African good stores in the UK. Taste of the best of what South Africa has offered here at the Savanna their pride themselves in stocking all of your favorite goods such as Ouma Rusks, Mrs. Ball’s Chutney, Simba Chips, and Robertson’s Spices but to name a few.

They are very passionate when it comes to the Braai and so they make only the best Boerewors in a variety of mouthwatering flavors, from Traditional Farm style and Plaaswores, to Spicy Chakalaka, Garlic, and Cheese.

They offer delivery to your doorpost. They sell Original Beef Biltong, Savanna Farm style Boerewors 500g tray, Ouma Rusks Buttermilk 500g, and many more.


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