TikTok Reportedly Opens Its Data to More Researchers

TikTok reportedly opens its data to more researchers as part of the company’s transparency push. The social media app and platform will now share its data with various researchers at nonprofit academic institutions in the United States.

TikTok Reportedly Opens Its Data to More Researchers

TikTok Reportedly Opens Its Data to More Researchers

Social media platform TikTok in a bid to be more transparent will now be sharing its public data on content and accounts on its platform with more academic researchers.

TikTok Is Now Accepting Application Use Its Research API from Researchers

The well-known social video app on Tuesday said that it is now accepting applications to make use of its research API from researchers that are working with US nonprofit academic institutions. The platform prior to this time had announced its research API, but initially, it was just open to a group of experts on the content and safety advisory council of the app.

The Data Will Soon Be Available To Researchers All Over the Globe

TikTok on its website has said that the data eventually will become available to researchers all over the world. Researchers from non-US institutions can now apply but their applications, however, will not be processed until the project expands to non-US regions of the world.


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