TikTok Explains Its Ban on Political Advertising: Political Ads Don’t Fit TikTok’s Environment

TikTok Explains Its Ban on Political Advertising after already being under consideration for the advancement of Chinese foreign policy by censoring issues like Hong Kong’s protests and pro-LGBT content. The Beijing-based video app TikTok is now currently moving away from United States social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, issuing a ban on the political ads displayed on its app.

TikTok Explains Its Ban on Political Advertising

The company says it will not allow political ads displayed on TikTok, as they don’t fit in with the experience the short duration video app, TikTok service offers.

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TikTok Explains Its Ban on Political Advertising

According to TikTok’s VP of Global Business Solution, who has recently joined TikTok from Facebook, Blake Chandlee that, “Any paid ads that is displayed in the platform is required to fit the standards for its platform, and the nature of paid political ads is not an activity that is seen to fits the TikTok app experience.”

He also added that “towards working to this, the app will not allow paid ads on its platform no more. Ads that are set to promote or oppose a candidate, current leader, political party, or group or issue at the federal, state, or local level, as well as including election-related ads, advocacy ads, or issue ads.”

The company furthermore explained that it wants to be known popularly as a place for creating expressions, and users that make a positive and refreshing environment that inspires and motivates other users.

It will also encourage these targeted goals by the medium of its products such as its fun filters and effects, as well as its brand partnerships with other production companies.

Features of TikTok

During these current days, TikTok now offers certain ad opportunities, such as the in-feed video ads, launch screen ads service, and other native ads features like its sponsored hashtag challenges activities made for users. Recently, it also launched a beta version of the TikTok Creator Marketplace, which was established to help connect brands with TikTok features creators for their marketing campaigns option.

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“Throughout this entire issue, however, TikTok’s major target is set on creating a fun and entertaining, genuine experience for its community,” said by Chandlee. “While the company seeks in for more ways to make provision of values to brand, it is focused on always displaying true to reasons why users uniquely prefer the TikTok platform itself: for the app’s warm features that makes it such a fun platform to spend time,” he added.

Political Ads Don’t Fit TikTok’s Environment

TikTok decided to create a platform aid at verifying the credentials and details of political advertisers, which requires these advertisers to submit identification information which includes their street address, phone number, business email and website that matched with the email provided, and tax ID number or U.S. Federal Election Commission ID number. The company also launched a publicly searchable database of political ads, which is by choice used by its users for transparency’s sake.

As a Chinese-run company, TikTok may not possess the major resources to operate a similar operation. But it seems to be in trouble trying to crack down on the hate speech found on TikTok last year, from the speech reported by VICE.


This ban issue on political ads is not a present deal on TikTok, it’s more of a reiteration of an already existing policy. The company concluded it has finally settled down on addressing this already made policy rapidly. This is to be done in order to be transparent about its advertising policies, especially as an interest in its marketing opportunities for brand creators as they continue to grow on TikTok.

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