This Writing Tool Is the Perfect Gift for An Anxious Pen Clicker

This writing tool is the perfect gift for an anxious pen clicker. The Parker Jotter as you should know is a tad little pen with a really big and satisfying click and it is just about the perfect gift for an anxious writer.

Writing Tool for an Anxious Pen Clicker

Writing Tool for an Anxious Pen Clicker

Generally, I am quite unable to sit still. Maybe it is just the caffeine, or it is the fact that I learned too many percussion instruments in my formative years, but one thing is that I am almost constantly in motion. And just to the annoyance of those people around me, that usually simply means I’m clicking a pen just like I’m on Jeopardy.

And not that any type of pen will do. The pen in this sort of situation needs solid clickability. You should enter the Parker Jotter, which is currently on sale for less than $10 at Amazon.

Features of the Parker Jotter

My ideal pen as you should know is quite sturdy, comfortable, and noisy. It also should, although this may just be less important to the habitual clicker, write well. The Parker Jotter in question fits the bill and clicks all the boxes. This pen is durable enough that a cat can easily chew on it and not leave a mark. It is just small enough to easily fit in a pocket or even the palm of the hand. And it also writes like a dream.

Why You Should Get This Writing Tool

The Parker Jotter most importantly has a solid, mechanical click to it. My very first Parker Jotter was a second-hand model that I reportedly bought at a pen show, so it is quite older and very much heavier. But the new pen that I have purchased since then has a click that is almost as powerful.

It is however loud enough to bother your partner that is in the other room if it is that you are clicking away while you are deep in thought, and it has just enough resistance that it is not going to begin spewing ink in your shirt pocket.



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