This Scam Is Making Bots Open Marketing Emails En Masse

This scam is making bots open marketing emails en masse. Reports coming in at this moment claim that a huge percentage of all marketing emails are being opened by bots.

This Scam Is Making Bots Open Marketing Emails En Masse

This Scam Is Making Bots Open Marketing Emails En Masse

A sizable minority (5%) of all marketing emails are being opened by bots as scammers gear towards ‘click fraud bots’ in a bid to fake email-based conversations if anything about the research from Polygraph is to be believed.

‘Click fraud,’ an extremely popular variety of cyberscam is where website owners make use of fraudulent methods such as automated scripts for bots in faking legitimate clicks on their ads. And as these websites are paid based on the number of people that click on their ads, this helps to produce revenue for the scammer.

How Does the Process Work?

This process simply involves fraudsters creating an account on an advertiser’s website. After that, the scammer then receives an email with a supposed link to activate the account as per Trey Vanes who is head of marketing at Polygraph. Bots which are then programmed to monitor the inbox of scammers for new emails, click on any of the links contained within those emails in question.

Vanes further said that this trick the advertisers into believing that the sign-ups are real, therefore they start to send marketing emails to the scammers. These marketing emails in question are then opened up by the scammers’ bots since they are programmed to open up an email and then click on their links thus tricking the advertisers into thinking that they are getting engagement.  But its however not just click fraud that is costing businesses in the United Kingdom huge sums of money.

64% of UK Companies Have All Experienced Economic Crime in the Past Two Years According To Survey

A major percentage (64%) of UK firms have all experienced an incident of economic crime in the past two years as per a PWC survey of 107 businesses in the UK which is well in excess of the global average of 46%.

Mail Services Play a Big Part in This Type of Fraud

Mail services as you should know continue to play a big part in this very type of fraud which is at the moment impacting businesses in the UK. Research from security vendor Ivanti found out that close to three-quarters (74%) of organizations have claimed to have fallen victim to a phishing attack in the previous year, which are of course mainly delivered through the mail.


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