This Black Friday Spider-Man 2 Bundle Goes For $500

This black Friday Spider-Man 2 bundle goes for $500 and it makes me want to get myself a second PS5 console. It is no doubt that the PS5 is my favorite medium to game and this very $500 deal in question gets me the biggest PS5 game of the year for free.

Black Friday Spider-Man 2 Bundle

Black Friday Spider-Man 2 Bundle

I really like my PS5. Like so many tech nerds/reviewers at CNET, I am also a proud owner of an Xbox Series X, but when I really have a choice I choose to play on the PlayStation. Yes, I also love Xbox Game Pass as well as some awesome games such as Starfield will probably never come to the PlayStation, but this very year I have played hundreds of hours of God of War: Ragnarok, Burning Shores, and right at this moment Baldur’s Gate 3 all on the PS5.

Next on my gaming list is Spider-Man 2, which is an absolute must-have game that is exclusive to the PlayStation. My OG diskless PS5 on the other hand is still going strong but if it is that I needed a new one I would get the new PS5 Slim that is bundled with that game. And at just $500, this is the best PS5 deal that I have seen so far this very year. The Slim as you should know normally costs $500, so I would basically be getting Spider-Man 2, which normally goes for $70, for free.

The Reason You Should Get In On This Deal

The main reason I like gaming on a PS5 console is the controller. The DualSense controller in question is simply the nicest that I have ever made use of, and in contrast to the controllers that came with my Xbox Series X, it is no contest at all.

The PS5 controllers in question are smoother and give a more solid feel on my hands, and the haptic feedback in question, especially the triggers, are lightyears way better. And yes I am really tempted to get another in red simply because they’re also on sale for Black Friday.

How the New PS5 Slim Is Better Than the Original One

I really appreciate that the new PS5 Slim that is now on sale is a bit more compact than the original, which if nothing else would make it very much easy to tote around the house in a bid to connect to different TVs (which is something that I do regularly). The original PS5 on the other hand is also on sale with the very same bundle at the same price, but I would rather go with the newer, and more compact Slim myself.



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