Things you Must Never do if you are on a Student Visa in the UK 

The United Kingdom is an amazing place to study, as a student here, you will get the chance to connect with people from different countries of the world and enjoy an excellent education. However, to have a trouble-free stay in the UK, you must understand the do’s and don’ts that come with being here.

Things you Must Never do if you are on a Student Visa in the UK 

Violating the terms and conditions of your UK student visa can put you into big trouble and jeopardize your stay in the UK. To avoid having issues with the authorities, you should avoid the following actions at all costs while on a student visa in the UK.

Working illegally

Working part-time while studying in the UK is allowed and most international students do it because it’s an excellent way to supplement your finances and gain valuable experience. However, you need to understand your visa’s work restrictions.

Student visas allow you to work a limited number of hours during term time and full-time during vacation periods.

If you go beyond these limits or work without proper authorization, your student visa may be canceled and your stay in the UK will be jeopardized.

Attendance matters

As a student, you must register regular attendance in your registered course, it is a requirement for student visa holders.

If you constantly skip classes and fail to meet academic requirements, it will result in your educational institution reporting you to the Home Office, leading to visa curtailment or cancellation.

If you face any difficulties that are affecting your studies, always communicate with your institution to seek support.

Visa expiry

Your student visa has an expiration date, and you must leave the UK before that date unless you’ve applied for an extension or switched to another type of visa.

Do not overstay your visa, even by a single day. Overstaying is a serious violation that can have far-reaching consequences.

Update your contact information

The UK Home Office and your educational institution should have your up-to-date contact information at all times.

If you make any changes in your address or contact details, ensure you update the Home office and your educational institution. Keep both parties informed all the time.

Stay on the right side of the law

Do not engage in any criminal activities, engaging in any criminal activities, no matter how minor, can lead to visa cancellation and deportation. Study UK laws and regulations so you can stay out of trouble.

Financial responsibility

One of the requirements you must meet before getting your student visa is to demonstrate that you can financially support yourself during your studies in the UK.

If you fail to maintain sufficient funds in your bank account or experience a drastic change in your financial circumstances, it will negatively impact your visa status.

Please be diligent in managing your finances and keeping records of your financial transactions.

Be truthful

When applying for your student visa or during any interactions with immigration authorities, always provide truthful and accurate information.

If you make false claims or give misleading information, it can lead to visa refusal or even criminal charges.


As a student visa holder, you may have access to National Health Service (NHS). Do not ignore these benefits. Register for the NHS and pay any required fees promptly. Neglecting your healthcare responsibilities can cause you issues.

Travel with caution

If you plan to travel outside of the UK during your studies, be cautious about your destination choices. Some countries have travel restrictions or political situations that could affect your ability to re-enter the UK. Be careful about where you are going.

Seek professional guidance

If you have questions or concerns about your student visa status, the wise thing to do is to seek advice from qualified immigration experts or the international student office at your educational institution. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for violating them.

Studying in the UK is great but it also comes with responsibilities, if you avoid the actions listed above and stay informed about your visa conditions, you will be out of trouble throughout your stay in the UK.

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