These Dangerous iOS Scam Apps Are Still on the App Store

These dangerous iOS scam apps are still on the app store. There are still so many fraudulent apps on the iOS app store and hey have been raking in lots of cash for more than a year now.

These Dangerous iOS Scam Apps Are Still on the App Store

These Dangerous iOS Scam Apps Are Still on the App Store

Plenty of dangerous and damaging apps on the iOS app store are still available for download months after they have been discovered. A recent report from cybersecurity researchers at VPN check has found out. The company cites that Avast which is an antivirus firm found out about 133 fraudulent apps on the platform back in March 2021 and revealed its findings to apple.

But however, after the initial findings for over a year now, VPN Check says that 84 of the reported fraudulent apps are still very much alive on the platform and available for download. Some of these apps include video and photo editors, horoscope apps, wallpapers, fake antivirus apps, phone cleaners and many more.

Hidden Fees and Subscriptions

Most of these apps are not mainly viruses or malwares. They might not even try to steal or damage data or even try to destroy the endpoint that they are infecting. However they do try to generate extra charges and costs for the victims and this could be through hidden fees, premium subscriptions or other similar paths and they are also very difficult to remove from devices.

VPN checks generally said that these apps are scamming people out of at least $100 million yearly. The company also at the same time is putting the blame on apple saying that they refused to act abruptly and take away the malicious apps from its store. The Cupertino mobile giant, VPN checks argues also that it still gets its cut from the fraudulent earnings and that it stands to lose a whole stream of revenue if it acts quickly.

What VPN Checks Has To Say

‘It might not be in Apple’s interest to address the issue,’ the company writes. ‘With the mobile phone market being saturated, the big bucks are increasingly earned in the App Store. And Scam apps are great clients. They obviously make a lot of money through their scams, of which Apple gets its cut. Plus, the App Developers spend a lot of that money on running Ads on the App Store that Apple also gets to pocket. Not too shabby, as they like to say at Apple.’


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