The Official Name for Meta’s Project Cambria VR Headset Leaked

The official name for Meta’s project Cambria VR headset leaked and it’s so Pro-dictable!

The Official Name for Meta’s Project Cambria VR Headset Leaked

The Official Name for Meta’s Project Cambria VR Headset Leaked

The long-awaited follow-up to the Meta Quest 2 VR headset from Meta, formerly known as Oculus Quest 2, might just have an official name for it and absolutely no one is surprised about the name.

Presently it is known by its working title, project Cambria and it has since been known to be a more powerful version of quest 2. And not only will the product be able to play all of the best Quest 2 games, but it will also have an enhanced face tracking feature and even better than ever AR experiences with a full-color pass-through meaning that players will have the option to see the real world around them in full color while having the headset on rather than just in grayscale as it is with the Quest 2.

Players and enthusiasts however will have to pay for these upgrades. The headset is expected to be available in the region of at least $800.

Meta’s Planned Name for the Upgraded Quest 2

As per recent rumors, the Tech Company and VR manufacturer has gone for the not-so-surprising name and option that many have already guessed, Meta Quest Pro.

The leak is coming from developer Steve Moser. the developer discovered a line of code recently that is referring to a ‘Meta Quest Pro’ inside of the Oculus mobile app for iPhone. Specifically, the code he found references pairing the headset to the right controller.

Meta at the moment doesn’t have a headset with such a name, and so the code is likely referring to a device that is yet to be released. The line of code is hugely making it into a public version of the app rather than remaining in a test version. And given that Project Cambria is set to be the next headset of Meta, it ultimately makes sense for that to be the ‘Quest Pro’ as referred to in the app.

Should You Take This Rumor Seriously?

That said, we should always take leaks with a pinch of salt, and there’s always a chance that this code is referring to one of Meta’s other upcoming headsets. we know that Meta is also working on a sequel to the Quest 2 along with project Cambria that is more budget-friendly, and which has been termed the Quest 3, although it is not yet the official name for it.

And as this other headset has yet to get an official name it is very much possible that the Quest 3 is in fact the Quest Pro. And also, Project Cambria is officially named something else different entirely.

If you ask us, though, the name feels kind of right. And while it is widely expected for Cambria to drop ‘Quest’ from its name and opt for something completely different, the ‘Pro’ element does carry the more professional and business focus of this device.

When Will the Headset Be Available?

Meta has already promised that the headset will be seen later this year meaning we will not have to wait longer than usual to find out what really project Cambria is called. In this case, rather, we will not be all surprised to find out that Meta Quest Pro as a name was right all along.


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