The Nintendo Museum Is Set To Be Finished By March

The Nintendo Museum is set to be finished by March. Nintendo’s old plan located in Kyoto, Japan is now being converted into a gallery to showcase products from all over the very long history of the gaming business.

The Nintendo Museum

The Nintendo Museum

Nintendo during its September Direct event, announced progress on plans to convert its old Nintendo Uji Ogura Plant located in Kyoto, Japan, into a gallery for displaying its various products. Dubbed the Nintendo Museum, the site in question is still very much under construction and on track to be finished by March 2024. However, an exact opening date for the museum hasn’t yet been announced.

Other than the concept rendering from its original announcement made back in 2021, Nintendo reportedly showed off an iconic question block that is painted on the roof of the building, and from the air, you can easily get an idea of just how it will be lining up with the planned design, well, at least from the outside.

And as far as what is inside of it, we will have to wait until closer to its opening to find out more details, but after the suppers of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, opening theme parks in Japan as well as in the US, and another Nintendo Live event in Seattle in the early parts of this month, the firm is reportedly close to adding yet another way to connect in person with fans of its games.

Trombone Champ Is Coming To Nintendo Switch with Four-Player Co-Op

The game which will be available on Thursday is now complete with multiple Joy-Con motion control schemes. The game will be released on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Announced during September Nintendo Direct on Thursday, the hilarious music rhythm game of the previous year that was a sleeper hit on Steam is now making the move to Nintendo Switch. The game in question also has a new set of control schemes just for the Switch, thus allowing gamers to use the Joy-Con controllers’ motion or IR sensors in controlling their trombone pitch.

What You Need to Know about Nintendo’s Trombone Champ

And while the hilarious sound of these trombones may well be calamitous enough, Trombone Champ on Switch is also getting four-player local multiplayer support which, well, I can only imagine just how ridiculous that may get in a living room that is full of people.

You probably will not be able to add all kinds of wacky songs through mod support such as you would on PC, but Trombone Champ on the Switch as you should know comes with close to 50 songs across a host of genres that you can subsequently butcher with incessant tooting.



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