The Latest Free Update from Garmin Is A Big Win for E-Bikers

The latest free update from Garmin is a big win for e-bikers as e-bike support for devices of Garmin built is now finally here.

The Latest Free Update from Garmin Is A Big Win for E-Bikers

The Latest Free Update from Garmin Is A Big Win for E-Bikers

The Garmin Company is now finally embracing e-bikes as an update to its Garmin Edge 1040 cycling computer series now offers full e-bike support and this is including brand new metrics

If you are an owner of a bike that is capable of connecting to the Edge 1040 with ANT or ANT+ wireless connectivity just as plenty of the best electric bikes are now able to, then you will be able to view custom data that are exclusive to e-bikes alone.

For instance, when you upload a course into Garmin Connect in order to view it on the Edge, the cycling computer will your route of travel as planned as I would on a conventional bicycle in the event that is making use of a connected e-bike, but the edge will tell you also if you have enough battery on your bike to see you through the duration of your planned course.

The Update Will Come With the Ability to View the Remaining Battery Life of Your Bike

Having the ability to view the remaining battery life of your bike, means that you can now plan to get yourself a charging port in advance whether it means that you will have to shorten your trip before you begin or turn around for home halfway through your planned course of travel. This tool is really useful considering it will also be marking a great start for the e-bike integration of Garmin. Also, you will be able to adjust assistance levels by making use of the Edge 1040 computer rather than just doing it manually on your bike.

Other Set of Features of the Update

Other sets of features of the update that are not specific to e-bikes include music controls on the Edge 1040 series, intensity Minutes metric that’s visible and a training status that’s updated which will import the variability status of your heart rate and most recent exercise history from your best Garmin watch and also show the status of your training on the Edge.

How Much Will the Update Cost?

This very update is entirely free for existing users of the Edge 1040. And you can also download it on your end by enabling automatic updates right from your device or by making use of Garmin Express just like the latest watch update.


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