The Latest Echo Buds 

Amazon’s 2023 Echo Buds have a significantly changed design and a reduced price, especially during Cyber Week. They maintain easy access to Alexa in your ear, just like the previous version, providing a convenient hands-free assistant.

The Latest Echo Buds
The Latest Echo Buds

I’ve tested the 2023 Echo Buds to help you determine if the $50 earbuds are a worthwhile purchase.

The Latest Echo Buds 

I anticipated white earbuds when I opened the small white case, but both the case interior and the earbuds are black. Personally, I think an all-white or all-black look would appear sleeker.

appreciate the ring box-style opening instead of the usual flip-top lid for wireless earbuds. It feels like a self-proposal each time I open the case. One small letdown: The case charges via USB-C but doesn’t include its own charging cable. Not a big deal, but having extra cables is always convenient.

Amazon Buds Connection

Setting up these earbuds through the Alexa app is straightforward. You’ll need to download the Alexa app on your phone to get started. Once I place the earbuds in my ears, they connect to my phone instantly, allowing me to start playing music.

To link with other devices, connect via Bluetooth (after the initial setup using Alexa on your phone). To enter pairing mode, hold down the button on the case until it starts flashing blue. It’s a pretty standard process for wireless earbuds.

I tested this on my Bowflex treadmill and Tonal. Connecting the buds to the Tonal was easy, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get the treadmill to detect them.


The controls on the Echo Buds are straightforward. A single tap pauses or plays, a double tap skips to the next track, a triple tap goes to the previous track, and a long press activates Alexa. Asking Alexa to play a different song or album is quite handy, especially when you’re focused on something and don’t want to interrupt your concentration by fiddling with your phone.

I appreciate that the audio pauses when you remove an earbud and resumes when you put it back in. It’s also reassuring that the controls aren’t easily triggered during high activity, which is a nice feature.

Audio Quality

I found the sound quality of these earbuds impressive, notably better than other models I’ve tried, including my JBL Tune earbuds. Listening to familiar songs, I picked up on some sounds I hadn’t noticed before. While true audiophiles, according to customer reviews for the Echo Buds, might not be as impressed as I am, they were a definite upgrade for me.

Battery Duration

I really liked the battery life. In my testing, I used the earbuds for about 30 minutes to an hour each day, and the case battery decreased about five to 10 percent daily. If used casually, not every day, they could last for a few weeks, I believe.

The comfort and Stability Are Essential

The Echo Buds have a “semi-in-ear” design, so they don’t fit as snugly as some other earbuds. Nevertheless, they enable you to hear your surroundings, making them suitable for outdoor workouts. They aren’t ideal if you’re seeking noise-canceling features.

Honestly, I didn’t like the fit much. While testing these earbuds, I discovered that one of my ear holes is smaller than the other. No matter how I inserted the earbud into my right ear, it consistently slipped out a bit, creating a sense of instability and the fear that it might easily fall out. This occurred with and without the clear silicon tip on the earbud.

I tested their stability by wearing the earbuds during regular household chores, a treadmill workout, and a floor workout. Despite the constant feeling that the right side might fall out, I was pleasantly surprised at how well both stayed in place.

Update: While writing this, I sneezed, and the right earbud fell out and disappeared. Whomp whomp.

In terms of comfort, I discovered they were as comfortable as any other earbud I’ve tried. After around 30 minutes, I was ready to remove them and give my ears some relief.

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