The iPhone 13 Mini Could Be the Last of Apple’s Smaller Premium iPhone’s

Reports and rumors going around suggest that the very future of mini iPhones looks slim as the previous iPhone 12 mini struggled to get the right attention. With that being said, the iPhone 13 mini could be the last of Apple’s smaller premium phones.

The iPhone 13 Mini Could Be the Last of Apple's Smaller Premium iPhone’s

The iPhone 13 Mini Could Be the Last of Apple’s Smaller Premium iPhone’s

It’s no more news that the iPhone 12 mini hasn’t been doing well in the markets since its release. And since it has already been announced that there would be an iPhone 13 mini, reports suggest that it could as well be the last of the minis. If you are an iPhone mini fan then regrettably you will have to start looking for something else after the iPhone 13 mini launches.

Previously, Cnets Patrick Holland has praised the iPhone 12 mini for some of its features including the fact that it is $100 less than the iPhone 12. If this is true about the said device, what then is the problem? Why didn’t it do well in the markets? At $700 one could argue it’s even a budget phone considering the fact that there are other inexpensive options like the iPhone SE and iPhone 11 devices.

Reports suggest that Apple is not planning to introduce a new iPhone 14 mini next year according to a report from Nikkei Asian Review. Another research note back in April from industry analyst Ming-chi Kuo also suggests the same outcome to apples 2022 iPhone lineup.

And with the reports recently, it is quite understandable why Apple would be removing the iPhone mini-series from its flagship lineup. People are not just interested in getting them, a report shows. According to a previous Nikkei Asian Review report, the orders for the Apple iPhone 12 mini were slashed in the first half of 2021 because of weak demand. The findings were also supported by counterpoint research claiming that the iPhone 12 only accounted for about 5% of sales in the US for the iPhone 12 lineup in the first half of January.


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