The Google Pixel 6 Pro Could Be Getting Face Unlock Feature After All

It just could be that the Google Pixel 6 Pro could be getting the face unlock feature after all.

The Google Pixel 6 Pro Could Be Getting Face Unlock Feature After All

The Google Pixel 6 Pro Could Be Getting Face Unlock Feature After All

The very confusing case of the face unlock feature coming to the Google Pixel 6 pro continues to drag and with the latest leaks from those who know about it suggest that the feature could actually show up on the phone at some point this year.

And this is coming from a team at 9to5Google. The team has done some research and has found out that the latest android update for the pixel phone is inclusive of codes referring to a boost in CPU that is applied when the face unlock feature is required in a state where it is required to help identify you faster. Another very important note here is that the code is exclusive to pixel 6 pro phones alone.

What Google Has To Say About the New Face Unlock Feature for the Pixel 6 Pro

As of now, Google has not yet said anything in regards to the feature hence it is not live. But however, it appears that the software developers that are behind the development of android 12 are setting the foundations for the face unlock feature for the Pixel 6 Pro.

There have been many rumors relating to the Google Pixel 6 phones and the face unlock feature previously even before and after the phones were launched. The major thinking factor on why the option has not been offered so far is due to battery and reliability concerns.

It is also very much possible that Google has now sorted whatever problem that needed solving and it is now ready to gear the face unlock feature on its latest [pixel flagship devices at least for the pro model. And while the phone does not have the radar sensors that do power the face unlock feature on the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, the tech behind the selfie camera and Google’s AI know-how just might be enough.

When Will the Face Unlock Feature Be Available

We however may have to wait more until the launch of the analysis: the joys of face unlock just before the face unlock feature comes to the pixel 6 Pro. It is also possible that the Pixel 7 and the pixel 7 Pro will include hardware upgrades that will provide a better and more seamless unlock feature and user experience.


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