The FDA Ban on Juul E-Cigarettes Gets Put On Temporary Hold

The FDA ban on Juul E-Cigarettes gets put on temporary hold. A court has granted an emergency hold on the ban of the Juul E-Cigarettes by the FDA. The court however will later rule on the possibility of a longer hold, all the while the ban gets appealed.

The FDA Ban on Juul E-Cigarettes Gets Put On Temporary Hold

The FDA Ban on Juul E-Cigarettes Gets Put On Temporary Hold

With the latter being said, it means that Juul labs can continue its business of selling its e-cigarettes at least for now. This is coming after a federal court issued a temporary stay on the ban placed by the Food and drug administration on Friday.

When Was the Order Made

The food and drug administration on Thursday ordered Juul to stop the sales and distribution of its vape pens and flavored products. The agency added that when Juul applied for authorization from the FDA to market its product of tobacco nature, the company failed to provident major and sufficient evidence that the product is up to the legal standards surrounding public health.

Juul’s Reaction to the FDA’s Orders

The company, Juul, disagreed with the agency and on Friday filed for an emergency stop on the ban the company further prepares a follow-up request that the ban is suspended indefinitely while the company also appeals the agency’s decision.

The appeals court in granting the administrative stay reportedly stated that Juul has until Monday noon to file its additional request and also that the FDA has until the 7th of July to file its response. And then, the court will make its decision on whether the products should be taken off the market while at the same time it considers the appeal of Juuls.

Juul Have Been Under Review By The FDA For Two Years

The ban by the food and drug administration was followed by a two-year-long review of the company Juul which is in need of authorization from the agency to keep its e-cigarettes product on the market. Initially, e-cigarettes were marketed to former smokers as a medium of helping them to avoid the harmful effects of real cigarettes. And how do they work? Well, this is simple.

They work simply and effectively by converting liquid nicotine to vapor. Experts however have warned that the effective delivery of substances containing nicotine packaged in a smooth and sleek design may help to promote and increase the addiction to nicotine in younger people.

What Juuls and the FDA Has To Say About The Issue

According to the food and drug administration, 480,000 people die from diseases related to smoking every year. And as of this moment, neither the food and drug administration (FDA) nor Juul has responded to a request in regards to commenting on the matter.


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