The DOJ Takes Down Hive According To Reports

The DOJ takes down Hive which is a major ransomware group according to reports. The department of justice said that it stopped victims, including schools, hospitals, and operators of infrastructure globally from paying $130 million in ransom.

The DOJ Takes Down Hive According To Reports

The DOJ Takes Down Hive According To Reports

The department of justice has now interrupted the operations of a ransomware group popularly known as Hive and in the process helping victims to avoid paying up $130 million in payments of ransom, the agency on Thursday said.

How Hive Targeted Its Victims

Hive made use of a network of affiliates to extort hospitals, infrastructure operators, financial institutions and school districts, and many more in 80 countries all over the globe according to the DOJ. The malware used by Hive would encrypt computer systems after affiliates stole sensitive documents. Affiliates would then demand ransom for both the data and a decryption key.

The Department Of Justice Has Now Delivered Decryption Keys to 300 Entities

The department of justice said that it has now delivered decryption keys to 300 entities that currently were under attack and 1,000 decryption keys to victims of the group prior to this. Hive had targeted more than 1,500 victims all over the world since 2021, the department stated.

Cyberattacks in Critical Infrastructure Remain a Very Serious Threat

Experts on the matter have now warned that cyberattacks on critical infrastructure remain a very serious threat. A ransomware attack back in 2021 shut down the Colonial Pipeline in the US for five days and concern over gas shortages caused prices to skyrocket.


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