The City of California Is Using Federal Funds for Police Technology

The city of California is using federal funds for police technology. And it is also recorded that a second municipality in the state is going forward with its plans on new pieces of tech including computer-aided dispatch and license plate readers.

The City of California Is Using Federal Funds for Police Technology

The City of California Is Using Federal Funds for Police Technology

Reports coming in now claim that the Oceanside police department is set to get $587,000 in federal money in order to equip its patrol cars with forward-mounted dashboard video cameras and also a back seat video monitor(s).

A news release from the office of Rep. Mile Levin, D-San Juan Capistrano this week said ‘This project enhances the existing body-worn camera system utilized by the Police Department, expanding the number of perspectives on an incident where police action occurs.’

The vehicle-mounted cameras are designed in such a way that they will automatically interact with all body-worn cameras nearby when the officer driving the police car at the time takes up some certain actions. The system generally is developed to limit errors in regards to humans in stressful times and therefore ensures that policing policy is followed as per the news release.

Police administrators already have States that the cameras will increase transparency and accountability within the whole department and also help to safeguard the public.

The Oceanside City Council approved a $1.89 Million Contract in September 2020

The Oceanside city council back in September 2020 approved a $1.89 million contract for its police department to purchase 225 body-worn cameras alongside maintenance, replacements, and lastly, unlimited data storage for up to five years. The contract at the time was awarded to Axon Enterprise Inc. which is the same company that provides body cameras to many other law enforcement agencies across the country.

Carlsbad City Council Approved $1.5 Million Contract Early This Year

The Carlsbad City Council early this year approved the spending of close to $1.5 million in replacing and also expanding the 5-year-old system of automated license plate readers of its police department and also installing a total of 128 fixed cameras and 24 mobile cameras.

An agreement was also approved by Carlsbad with Motorola solutions in replacing the 17-year-old computer-aided dispatch system of the police department with a new system and this is including an in-car video for 60 vehicles that cost over $2.7 million.

It is reported that each of the Carlsbad police vehicles has two cameras within it. One of the cameras will record the back seat of the vehicle where suspects are held while the other camera will monitor the road ahead of the vehicle.


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