The Canva for Education: 5 Ideas to Get You Started with Canva for Education

Wondering what the Canva for education is all about and how it can be used, then get ready as this article will give you insight about what the platform is all about. Canva is a hybrid educational tool that pulls together photo editing, design, and layout. Free to all, Canva can be used by teachers for countless projects.

This site is easy to navigate. With creative templates to assist you in the process, which is great for beginners such as young learners. The layout is mostly image-centric, with users following examples of good designs within the templates, which includes photo collages, social media use, posters, full-blown presentations, and more.

The Canva for Education

The Canva for Education

The Canva for education helps you develop your leadership skills as an emerging academic leader. With the use of Canva, you can easily add and manipulate your images and other content is also simple. And you’re not limited to the style choices offered within the design templates.

Canva makes good use of auto-saving, and neatly compiles your projects. At points, the controls can feel sloppy, and users may experience lag even with a fast Internet connection.

User profiles allow designs to go public before their published elsewhere. And the sharing options making the process of making content social very convenient. This can be easily applied to multiple classroom assignments and assessments.

Also, make sure to watch for costs. While most of the site is free, there are premium features, such as premiere templates and other areas of expanded access.

What You Can Do With Canva

Canva is used by businesses, in education as well as individuals for personal use. Canva is a gold mine that´s popular with businesses. However, for teachers and students, it is a hidden gem. With tons of tools to help both in and out of the classroom especially now that with the COVID-19 pandemic schools are doing distance learning and a lot of us are basically homeschooling.

5 Ideas to Get You Started with Canva for Education

Below are the five ideas you need to get started with the Canva for education;

  • Think-Pic-Share; First, ask students to think about what they learned and find a way to summarize it. Being succinct and articulate is a very important 21st-century skill and not one student does on their own. Teaching the art of concise writing that is still able to catch the reader’s attention – is not easy.  Learning how to do this is extremely valuable in today’s 140 character world.
  • Use Canva for Education for Quick Reflections; Canva can be used as a quick reflection tool. What about a six-word summary about what was just learned. I use it to teach thinking strategies like this one…an idea I garnered from Making Thinking Visible by Ron Ritchhart. You can use any of the thinking routines from this book and have them ready to go inside the area of your assignment. Students can then quickly pick one they wish to use to unpack their thinking. You can get more here.

Beautifully designed, fun to work with, and inspirational on multiple levels, Canva is one of the most powerful tools for layout and designing in and out of the classroom. You can get more details about Canva for education here.


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