The Canva Templates: How to Use Canva Templates

Do you dream of creating your own editable Canva templates and adding them as a new or additional offer for your clients? As creatives, we want to wow our clients and demonstrate how different and unique our work is. The best designs are simple, elegant, and easy to customize from brand to brand. That’s where the Canva templates come in handy.

Here’s a quick overview of what they are and how to use them. Canva provides its users with countless templates to help create polished graphics quickly and easily. You can find templates for social media graphics, resumes, eBooks, and more.

The Canva Templates

The Canva Templates

The Canva templates is a program that will teach you how to create and sell your own editable Canva templates from creation to delivery to promotion–and set up shop like a true professional. If you want to design your graphic from scratch, Canva provides some very basic placeholders for the text you may like to add to your design.

Canva categorizes their templates for specific uses, but you can obviously use whatever layout you like the best.

How to Use Canva Templates

Below are the guidelines you need to follow to be able to make use of the Canva templates;

  • First off choose a layout; Canva categorizes their templates for specific uses, but you can obviously use whatever layout you like the best. I will be customizing the first template option in the Travel Instagram Post category.
  • Adjust the fonts; the fonts marked with a yellow crown are free for Canva Pro users. You can also upload your own fonts to the Brand Kit section of your Canva account. it will be better to use your brand’s fonts for all graphic design work to ensure consistency.
  • Swap out the photo; If you have a specific photo you would like to use, you can upload it to Canva and drag it into the template’s photo frame. If not, Canva does have a huge library of stock photos from which to choose. Simply enter a keyword into the search bar to pull up dozens of options. Some of the photos will cost a small amount of money to use. If you would like to keep your graphic free, just click the FREE button in the search bar. This will filter out any paid options, leaving you with photos that are all free to use. Choose your favorite photo and drag it into the photo frame.
  • Adjust the photo; Click on the photo to make adjustments to the photo itself. You can make tweaks to the photo’s brightness or saturation in the Adjust menu. Crop the photo using the Crop feature. You can even flip the photo horizontally or vertically using the Flip tool. Want to add a filter to the photo? Open the Filter menu to choose from 20 different filters.
  • Publish your finished design; once you are happy with your design, it’s time to publish! You can download the design to your hard drive, email the design, or publish it directly to a social media platform. Consider saving this design as a template for your brand so you can create future graphics with a similar layout. This will create even more consistency in your brand’s online presence. You can also get more details on how to use Canva templates here.

Canva helps to teach you how to build a beautiful, simplified, streamlined business with an extra dose of all things. Get more details on the Canva templates here.


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