The Best Stylus Phones – Best Smartphones with Stylus

What are the best stylus phones for this year? There are best stylus phones that can be used for sketching, drawing, note-taking, and more. For those who find it difficult with the touch screen all too often, there is a solution. Read on.

The Best Stylus Phones

A stylus offers you more control over the phone navigation. It can have better accuracy with drawing, writing, and gaming. We have picked out the best smartphones with styluses that offer models that will make you feel good while writing and all that.

The Best Stylus Phones

When shopping for the best stylus smartphones, there are some things to consider which will soon be listed here.

With the introduction of the styluses, artists, students, and professionals are now considering smartphones for their projects.

However, choosing the best one among the hundreds of smartphones on the market can be really confusing, that’s where this article comes from to help you select the best.

How to Choose the Best Smartphones with Stylus 

There are some things to consider when shopping for the best smartphones with a stylus, below are some of them so far.

  • Consider the stylus latency before buying. Latency is the time difference between an input and output.
  • Consider the processing power. It is important that you purchase a smartphone that has the processing power to execute the tasks like video editing, note-taking, and generating graphics.
  • Consider the ram before buying. It is a component that lets you operate multiple apps simultaneously.
  • Considering the storage Option which has replaced hardware storage in many aspects, they are still relevant.
  • Consider the pressure and tilt support.

When drawing or writing on your smartphone or tablet, you’d want to have tilt support to let the apps know that you are intending to use a thicker line.

Best Stylus Phones

Below are the best stylus phones so far.

Moto G Stylus 5G | 2022

Unlocked for the freedom to choose your carrier. Compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon networks. Sim card not included. To use this Device on Verizon, first, provision your SIM through Verizon Wireless. Log in to your account on Verizon Wireless. Devices – activate or switch devices – activate.

It is a built-in creative stylus. Jot notes, edit photos, sketch artwork, and share hand-drawn animations with your friends on social media. You can expand your view and your creativity on a massive FHD+ display with a blazing-fast refresh rate.


Miimall Compatible Samsung Galaxy Z

This phone has a stylus pen that can be used to operate it for drawing, sketching, and many more. With Flex Mode, just unfold your mobile phone’s screen to your best angle for hands-free pics and video calls; Choose what you want to capture, set it down, stand back and shoot your best shot.

Thanks to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3’s Super Steady feature, you can just set it down and strike a pose for picture-perfect selfies with the stylus pen.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10, 256GB

This Samsung Galaxy Note 10 N970U 256GB Factory Unlocked Smartphone is in new-other condition. It is 100% functional and in near-perfect cosmetic condition with the possibility of a few light hair marks. It does not come in its original packaging. Intelligent power that keeps up with you.

Galaxy Note10’s power algorithm learns from how you work and live to optimize power, for hours of juice from minutes of fast-charging. With super speed processing, Wireless Power Share, and massive storage, Galaxy Note10 keeps up with whatever you throw at it. Next-generation S Pen. S Pen is the closest thing to a magic wand for your smartphone.


Tracfone Motorola Moto g Stylus 5G

With the Motorola moto g Stylus 5G from Tracfone in Cosmic Emerald you don’t have to spend a fortune on a phone to get next-generation 5G speed. Take sharper, brighter pictures in low-light settings with the Quad Pixel technology, edit them with the built-in stylus and feel free to enjoy the huge 128GB of storage the moto g Stylus have.

Choose a Tracfone plan with Unlimited Talk & Text with Unlimited Carryover Data and enjoy Unbeatable nationwide 5G coverage on America’s largest and most dependable networks.


Total Wireless Carrier-Locked LG Stylo 5 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone

The LG Stylo 5 is a device that fits your lifestyle, no matter how big your life is. Create more. Play more. Live more. With the LG Stylo 5, nearly anything is possible. It’s more than a phone; it’s your best life in the palm of your hand.

This phone is locked to Total Wireless, which means this device can only be used on the Total Wireless network. You can use the stylus pen on this device.


LG Stylo 6 (64GB, 4GB) 6.8″, w/Built-in Stylus Pen

This phone is a built-In Stylus Pen – Personalized Point-of-View #DoodleLife.  Put your own spin on things with the built-in, spring-loaded stylus pen and start to write, edit, doodle, sketch, color, and jot down notes on the go.

It is designed for precision and accuracy; the stylus improves the way you work and play. Triple Camera System – Capture Every #PhotoLife Moment. The triple rear camera system captures the smallest of details and wide, expansive views, all while keeping what matters in focus.


Microsoft Surface Duo 2 5G 256GB

These are some devices that are accessories, and software sold separately. Additional fees and/or subscriptions are required for some apps and features. Some features, including drag and drop between screens, are available in supported apps only.

The available apps may vary by carrier and over time. Calling requires a data plan; see carrier for pricing and coverage details. The 5G is compatible and performance depends on the carrier network, plan, and other factors.


The Best Stylus Phones FAQs

Which stylus phone is right for you?

The best stylus phones depend on your budget, the best pick includes the Samsung galaxy s22 ultra, note 20 ultra, and Z Fold 3 which cost upwards of $1,799.

If you’re on the low- to mid-range budget spectrum, then the $299 Motorola Moto G Stylus (2022) is a great pickup.

Are stylus phones worth it?

A stylus can be used to increase the accuracy of your typing and swiping on any smartphone or touchscreen device. It can also help you more precisely highlight. There are a lot of features you will enjoy with the stylus phone.

What are the disadvantages of a stylus?

The disadvantage includes lack of pressure sensitivity, no additional functionality, and the inability to differentiate stylus from land

Do all stylus work on all touch screens?

To recap, resistive touchscreen devices generally work with a stylus, whereas capacitive devices do not. The only time when a capacitive device will work with a stylus is when you are using a capacitive stylus.



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